Do you know this man?

Discussion in 'Canadian Trip Planning & Community Board' started by DixieAmos, Apr 30, 2001.

  1. DixieAmos

    DixieAmos <font color=teal>Lady of the Manor<br><font color=

    Apr 30, 2001
    My husbands friend stays in Canada,his name is Bob Montgomery,do any of you know him?
  2. ChisJo

    ChisJo Cause afterall, a dream that you wish, will come t

    Jan 29, 2001
    Please, by no means think this is rude, but Canada is a LARGE country and there are many places where this person can be. Do you have an area in the country? Also, Bob is a very popular name as well as Montgomery. You will probably not have any luck locating this person. Sorry.

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  4. AZ JazzyJ

    AZ JazzyJ <font color=teal>The Talented One<br><font color=p

    Dec 6, 2000
    Does your husband's friend work for a circus? I knew a guy named Bob that worked for a regional circus once. It might be the same person although I don't remember his last name.

    ChisJo, is Canada really that big? When I was at EPCOT, it seemed about the same size as the other countries. And other than that round theater, there didn't seem to be that many people there.

  5. from Canada

    from Canada Mouseketeer

    Feb 20, 2000
    Dixie...are you for real?? I mean would you be able to find someone I know in the UK if I said his name was Eric Clarke? Im not trying to be rude, Im just wondering if this is some sort of joke? Also, Canada is huge (bigger in area than the USA).
  6. cotye

    cotye <font color=green>Resident Mariah Expert<br><font

    Sep 6, 2000
    LOL.. I'm sorry, but I just had to laugh when I read this. ;)
  7. PhotobearSam

    PhotobearSam <font color=red><img src=

    May 3, 2001
    This has got to be a JOKE...

    It takes me 13 hours to drive to the East cost to visit my familly and that's not even half of the distance from one end of the Country to another...


    This has to be a joke...

  8. DixieAmos

    DixieAmos <font color=teal>Lady of the Manor<br><font color=

    Apr 30, 2001
    He lives in a town and it snows quite a lot there.I thought every-one would know him.Try not to get upset,I only asked a question.
  9. Bea

    Bea Mouseketeer

    Feb 16, 2000
    He has a polar bear for a pet, and lives in the third iglo up from us. Really, really nice man.....

    Sorry, I couldn't resist!! LOL
  10. Dan Murphy

    Dan Murphy We are family.

    Apr 20, 2000
    I met a Robert Montgomery at a convention in Toronto a few years back. Think it may be your Bob?
  11. mainey-mouse

    mainey-mouse Guest

    DixieAmos - you do have the most intersesting questions!
  12. MickeyCanada

    MickeyCanada Mouseketeer

    Feb 29, 2000
    Where in Canada does your husbands friend live? Is he originally from England residing in Canada? Maybe if we all put our heads together we can find him!
  13. sammi

    sammi <font color=purple>I'm a born traveller!<br><font

    Nov 19, 1999
    LOL I have a hard time believing this! Sorry if you are "really asking"but this seems verrrrrrrrry strange to me. Your other posts have been very "different" too. Hope someone helps you out.:confused: :jester:
  14. mainey-mouse

    mainey-mouse Guest


    I'm on lunch break, and just took a few minutes to look up all YOUR posts. Oh my gosh!!!!! Too funny - but I have such a hard time taking it seriously. Can't, actually. Now if you were born incredibly rich, and never had exposure to the same world most of us know...ok...maybe. But surely a sausage stuffer has some concept of how things work out here in "the world" (Disney OR the regular folks regular one - you seem to have working knowledge of neither!)

    Are we on "Candid Discussion Boards" here?
  15. MikeJ

    MikeJ Retrait can't come soon enough...

    Aug 18, 1999
    I can't believe that no one has posted this so far, so I will. Although it was intended as a tongue-in-cheek jab at Americans less-than-sparkling knowledge of Canada, I think it applies equally well to less-than-sparking Brits! :jester:

    "And I don't know Jimmy, Sally, or Suzy (or Bob) from Canada, although I'm certain they're really, really nice."

    - Mike
  16. DixieAmos

    DixieAmos <font color=teal>Lady of the Manor<br><font color=

    Apr 30, 2001
    Bea he does not live in an igloo and he has a dog for a pet. It is a poodle if that`s any help. His wife is called Mary.
  17. Snowwark

    Snowwark DIS Veteran

    Jun 8, 2000
    Hello again Veronica! :D

    You've been very busy lately. Let me see, his name is Bob, his wife's name is Mary, he has a poodle for a pet, and doesn't live in an igloo. Yes, I think I do know the guy, and if you keep waving that plastic around, I might tell you where to find him. Unless you mean that the poodles's wife's name is Mary, then I can't help you.

    AZJazzyJ, still looking for Bobo, are you? :p
  18. mickey65

    mickey65 Canadian Snow Girl

    Feb 25, 2000
    Dixie....I used to have this pen pal in England when I was a kid...her name was Daisy Sagle and she had a cat and a dog for pets, she lived in a pretty big house (I saw the picture) Do you know her???

    Sorry..couldn't resist :p

    If you are really truely trying to find this person, you might want to try Canada 411. It is a web site that has all the people listed in the phone book. Of course you will need to know at least a province. Hope you can find him.

    Have you ever been to Canada????
  19. kellyla

    kellyla <font color=6666CC>Pooh Beanie-aholic<br><font col

    Apr 25, 2000
    Here are some facts to consider about our fair country:

    We are the worlds second largest country in the world at 9,970,610 square kilometre's.

    We have a population of over 31 million people.

    There are 10 provinces and 3 territories.

    The country spans 6 time zones.

    There are 2 million lakes covering 7.6% of Canada.

    There are over 1000 provincial parks.

    Please do not be offended by any of the comments in this thread.We Canadians just get frustrated by the lack of knowledge of our beautiful country.By the sheer size of our land,you can see how extremely difficult it would be to know Bob,his wife and his poodle.There are people on this board that apparently live about 5 minutes from me and I dont know them.;)
  20. Debbie

    Debbie DIScovering DIS magic-missing my colours

    Jun 28, 2000
    Darn, the Bob Montgomery that I know has a wife named Mary Lou. I guess it is a different Bob Montgomery. :earseek:
  21. Dave in the Frozen North

    Dave in the Frozen North <a href="

    Aug 28, 1999
    The mysterious and intriguing Dixie!

    It seems we may have our own Dame Edna on the DIS Boards. This question about Bob, and many more like them on the various sites seemed to have spawned some interesting threads Dixie. If indeed Dame Dixie you are intent in infusing our boards with some tongue in cheek humour, in some part you have succeeded. I particularly liked the private monorail and nanny inquiry. I do hope everyone spending time responding, in good faith, to your inquiries are doing so understanding the nature of the interesting inquiries.

    To appreciate the rawther interesting range of Dixie's Quirky Questions, hit the new feature which calls up all of Dixie's posts. Read them and appreciate the spirit in which these posts are postted. I giggled at many.

    Dixie, to assist in your search, I will kindly rent a Moose at our local Moose Ranch, paint a sign on its hide: "Do You Know Bob", and set it free amidst the blowing snow.

    Dave in the Frozen North

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