Worst WiFi ever!


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Aug 8, 2000
We are here at the fort now and can honestly say the WiFi is horrible!
1) I worked quite a while as a Concierge at FW, and agree.
2) People complained ALL THE TIME about access and speed.
3) Managers told us to simply say, "Working on the Problem.".
4) We were not.
5) There are several access points, but one router connection.
6) Get more than a few folks on, and the system almost dies.
7) A few of our techie friends knew the solution.
. . . Locate a few routers throughout the park.
8) One manager said wifi keeps people from shopping/eating.
9) He said they wanted people away from RVs.
10) Do not know if this is true, but kind of makes sense.
. . . Same reason why many WDW benches have been removed.
. . . Sitting people do not shop-eat-spend as much as walkers.

11) Oh well, use a Hot Spot and get around the issue.
12) Better at FW without wifi than anywhere else with it.


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Mar 16, 2011
The lack of WIFI never got me out of my site to eat or shop. RVers do not work that way, even when wifi crapped out in my room at wilderness lodge, I just fired up my own and kept on doing what I was doing though slightly annoyed. Its not like it was better anywhere else in Disney that I would think, oh let me go down to Disney Springs and grab a coffee and better wifi, it sucked there too.

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Dec 27, 2019


Jul 14, 2019
I saw this on the internets yesterday. There has to be another reason WDW is doing this than simply improving the wifi for the guests. This is a big spend to not get something out of it.

Security cameras? Radio communication with staff? I'm stumped....
With WDW announcing the end of Magic Bands I’m guessing it’s for the impending explosion of bandwidth needed to accommodate all the smart phones and Disney apps which will replace them.


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Feb 26, 2010
SOOO.. how is the phone service at the fort (not WIFI). I have AT&T and I read on another thread- dont remember which one- that said AT&T has horrible service at the Fort- Since I have AT&T I hope this doesnt effect my changes to get a boarding group for ROTR. Should I leave my campsite and drive maybe to the outpost or the parking lot to get better cell service to snag a boarding group? I must get a boarding group:)


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Feb 25, 2004
. . . Same reason why many WDW benches have been removed.
. . . Sitting people do not shop-eat-spend as much as walkers.
I've always found this such an odd thing. We've always left the park for the day when we're too hot/tired. If there were more/better places to rest and cool off, we'd stay longer, snack longer, shop longer. I know Disney does the research, but I feel like they're wrong on this one.