Wanting to make a trip magical for a wounded warrior


Sep 5, 2009
Hi everyone! We are traveling September 12-19 this year with our 4 1/2 y/o and our 1 y/o. My husband is a wounded warrior, he was injured in Iraq. We are borrowing points to stay at Bay Lake from my parents because without their help we would not be able to go. This trip is more for our children, but I wanted to try to make this trip magical for my husband also because he has done so much for his family. I know about the flag ceremony at the magic kingdom and how that is first come, but I was looking for something else to make the trip special for him. I connected DVC and they suggested the florist...way to expensive for us. I called DVC again and spoke a very wonderful person but she didn't have any ideas either. I am not looking for a new room, or better view or anything like that. I am just looking for a little something to make the trip better for him. Does anyone have any suggestions or know of someone I can call and talk to. The DVC cast member told me to keep calling everyday and maybe I will get someone who has been there long enough to have an idea. Can anyone help?! Thanks in advance.


DIS Veteran
Oct 3, 2014
Looks like you are starting your trip today! Hope you were able to find out something. My only advice for flag retreat is I have heard if you wanted to get chosen, you have to be there before rope drop so you are right upfront. Chat with the cast members in line. Wear clothing that has branch of service on it, or possibly just a hat. Good luck and thank you to DH for his service.


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