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Earning My Ears
Jan 27, 2002
Has anyone used the dry cleaning service to press suits and formal wear on board the Magic. If so do you remember what the costs were.
We used the service to dryclean and press my husband's suit and it was $7 for the suit. I don't remember how much it was to press his shirt, but I thought it was really reasonable. We don't get much drycleaning done but my mother gets her suits done and said she pays around $10 at home so she thought it was a bargain!

Thanks for the info,that`s just what we were looking for.We are cruising June 2002 on the Magic with a party of 16. We really didn`t want to bring extra luggage just for the suits and dresses.We can just put it all together and get them pressed on board, Thanks again

Mike &Sharon
152 days from today
I got an evening dress pressed and it was also in the $7 range. They did a fabulous job and it was very quick.
Originally posted by Cheese Please

On my last cruise I had my tux dry cleaned on the ship. It only cost $7 which is not much more than at my dry cleaners at home.

I also "snatched" a copy of the dry cleaning list. Here is a summary.

Pants $4.25
Jackets $4.50
2 piece suit $7.00
Shirts $3.50
Ties $2.00
Evening Dress $8.00
Skirt $4.50
Blouses $4.00

They also have laundry prices

Shirts $3.00
Pants $3.50
Short Pans $2.50

There is a "pressing only" service at 50% of dry cleaning cost.

Regular Service is next day by 5 pm
Same day service add 50% of dry cleaning (picked up before 9am and returned by 5 PM)
Express Service add 100% of dry cleaning (call for pickup, returned in 3 hours)



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