Do you know a Doomsday Prepper?

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by beaucoup, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. beaucoup

    beaucoup DIS Veteran

    Oct 6, 2010
    Apparently, I know 2. One much more extreme than the other. One has a stockpile of food, guns, ammo, water & lots more things they can trade. He is not public about it, but recently sent me a long FB message telling me his inventory & plans. I didn't know how to reply, so I didn't. :scared1: :rotfl: This guy just extreme in many aspects of life. This was just prior to election & I kind of stopped talking with him after. I knew him from about 30 yrs ago.

    The other. I consider fairly normal. Closer friend I see often in real life. And wouldn't have thought about it or noticed his actions if it weren't for another friend mentioning his suspicion to me. Sure enough. Tonight, he creates a list of FB of all the Preparedness pages he likes. So I jokingly said I would just go to his house. He stated he was going underground. Now, I do know they just completed a cabin up north. Now I wonder if it includes a bunker. :rotfl: He likes hunting, camping & outdoors, but not extreme. Nice family guy. Actually works in health care. When I combine his other interests, and recent questions about canning, yes, I'm starting to think they are stock piling too. This guy not extreme. Not weird. Curious to talk to him about what he is thinking is going to happen. Do I think he has the skills to survive something? Not so sure.

    Me? HA. No prepping. Would I want to survive the end of the world? Probably not. lol Do I have those survival skills? Heck no.

    Do I think something could happen at some point that most of us will not be prepared for? Sure. Who knows. Do I think governments around the world have plans to help citizens survive? Ummm, no. Its not possible to save us all so it may be best to not even try & just let everyone who is unprepared go. Sad but true. Circle of life. Survival of the fittest.

    Didn't mean to get depressing. Just wondered if you knew any normal people that you were a little surprised that may be preparing for something / anything no matter the size.
  2. BeachGirlFLA

    BeachGirlFLA DIS Veteran

    Apr 28, 2009
    My husband is one to some extent. He makes sure we have plenty of water and canned food at all times but he doesn't hoard guns or ammo.
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  4. runsandjumps

    runsandjumps DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 2012
    I know one prepper. She is into weapons, canning, dried goods, and did I mention weapons. Very big freedom to carry arms supporter.. The only way I think anyone would really be able to survive is if they have an impenetrable area with a bunker, weapons, and a source of water, some farm animals would be nice too.

    I OTOH, am not even ready for the week let alone an apocalypse. Add to that the fact that I haven't camped out in actual wilderness in about 20 years. My chances of survival are slim. Prepping sounds very expensive. I don't think many people have the survival skills to make it anyway.
  5. Minerva Mouse

    Minerva Mouse DIS Veteran

    Jul 16, 2012
    Completely agree, if I had millions of dollars, I would probably have a nice little bunker where I could hang out for a few years. But, on the salary I make today, no way. I prefer to enjoy the life I'm living, instead of preparing for something that may or may not happen. But that is my choice, kudos to those who choose to prep.

    I've often said though that I don't think I would want to live in a doomsday world, fighting for survival, loosing family and friends, sickness, etc. I'll take heaven for $500 Alex. ;)
  6. Peanut Giggleface

    Peanut Giggleface Embarrassing my children... just another service I

    Jan 24, 2010
    I have a friend who is into canning and growing her own food. They might be into producing their own electricity, not sure on that one. It's been a while since I've seen her. Anyway, this woman spends all her free time doing things to make sure they have food. They grow all their own vegetables and fruit. They have a very large barn with around 300 chickens and several cows. What they don't grow they barter for. During summer and fall she spends all day every day canning. At the end of the fall she'll easily have several hundred gallons of juices canned and enough fruits and vegetables to last them until next summer. I don't know about ammo and I don't know if they hoard a portion of this for survival purposes, but she is extreme in being self-sufficient.
  7. Imzadi

    Imzadi ♥ Saved by an angel in a trench coat!

    Oct 29, 2004
    Oh jeez, I barely had enough prepared for Hurricane Sandy and we knew that was really coming. What, now I have only 11 days let to prepare for this? :scared1: [​IMG]
  8. deakam

    deakam DIS Veteran

    Mar 7, 2011
    Since the Government of the United States of America recently published a booklet on "How to survive the Zombie Apocalypse" and then held a workshop for Department of Homeland Security employees on how to fight Zombies, I decided that I might need to survive the Zombie Apocalypse my government is prepping for. I also believe that my government will cause said zombies to appear through various secret labs around the country. LOL.

    Anyway, I got a really good deal on canned soup not too long ago, with coupons and the sale it was 14 cents a can. I can feed the entire neighborhood Campbell's Chunky Soups for 3 months. I just need to hook up with the person that got the really good deal on crackers.
  9. Albort

    Albort ODV Crew

    Oct 9, 2006
    i have small kit prepared... i do have some odd things in there that emergency kits usually dont have...

    aka throwing knifes and throwing axes... :P
    Too poor for a handgun.
  10. AlohaPolynesian

    AlohaPolynesian DIS Veteran

    Feb 9, 2009
    Welp, I made a hair appointment for that day. At least if the world ends I will die a blonde :rotfl2:

    But seriously - I am going to be getting my hair done and then traveling that day. I hope nothing happens.

    I think my parents STILL have gallons of water and canned food (that obviously is bad now) in a cabinet in our basement from Y2K. Bahahahahahahaha!!!!
  11. Miss Peach

    Miss Peach Mouseketeer

    Aug 9, 2010
    We live in Earthquake Country.

    My entire life we always had preparedness supplies. We have never really needed any of it, but I wouldn't want to depend on my government to look after me in an earthquake situation.

    So, yes, we have water, food, ways to prepare the food, etc. If the power needs to be off for a while we would be okay.

    It would only take about one day without hot water to make me really, REALLY crabby!

    Prepared for Zombies... Not so much!
  12. Imzadi

    Imzadi ♥ Saved by an angel in a trench coat!

    Oct 29, 2004

    Hmm. . . :scratchin you know, this whole thing about Hostess going out of business and the sudden hike in Twinkees prices as people hoard them, might not be a coinicidence. :scratchin I have always thought that the only food left on the plant that would be edible after a nuclear holocaust would be Twinkees in the bomb shelters. This might be a cleverly disguised conspiracy to hike up the price of Twinkees before all the Doomsday Preppers take all of them into shelters down below. . .
  13. StephMK

    StephMK DIS Veteran

    Mar 22, 2004
    I do not know any preppers and my family would be those perishing, not surviving. DH is even less handy than I am and complained for weeks the few times he took DS camping.

    The thought of fighting to survive, sleeping in unknown elements, and eating the canned food we usually have on hand is not at all appealing! Plus if it at all involved zombies, we'd be dead of fright - we're a bunch of chickens, except DH. :lmao:

    Our closest prepping activities are a few cases of water and a battery operated radio in the basement. Those are more for a tornado than a long term catastrophe.
  14. LittleMissMagic

    LittleMissMagic Victoria on Vacation

    Dec 24, 2008
    No prep here, but I think about how I'd survive a zombie apocalypse (usually after watching Walking Dead). No doing, just thinking. But then I remembered that I'll be on a cruise ship headed to the Panama Canal on Doomsday, so I better hope it's not a zombie apocalypse. A cruise ship would be a terrible place to be when a zombie virus got out - no where to go but overboard! And if the captain got infected, then unless some random non-infected passenger knew how to steer a giant vessel, then we'd be doomed.
  15. scrapquitler

    scrapquitler DIS Veteran

    Aug 15, 2007
    I keep a supply of candles, batteries, non perishable foods and water around, but our power tends to go out for irritating lengths of time during ice storms. But I would not say that I'm a doomsday prepped. I suppose that if I find myself in the midst of an apocalyptic situation or a zombie attack, I would prefer to die quickly rather than find myself in flat out survivalist situation.
  16. okeydokey

    okeydokey Frosty the Snowman scared me as a child.

    Aug 9, 2006
    Not a prepper. The thought of living in a world post apocalypse is not appealing (think The Road).

    We have a couple of very paranoid friends who have actual serious conversations about what they will do when the UN invades the US. They seem normal most days, but you have to wonder.
  17. anniemae

    anniemae Either she is eating a delicious

    Jul 31, 2007
    I have a friend who is prepping. For what I don't know. She showed me her basement and I almost fell over. She has tons and tons of canned and dried food, soda, water, toiletries, medicine etc.
  18. java

    java <font color=darkorchid>I am embracing the Turkey B

    Jan 18, 2005
    I recently saw an episode of Hoarders and the guy had cans that were actually dried out inside they were so old- The son took a can and shook it and you heard only the hard stuff no liquid. :faint:

    I don't think I know any Doomsday Preppers? But wouldn't that defeat the purpose of being one? Telling everyone hey I'm all stocked up but don't come over in the event of the end of the world.
  19. Colleen27

    Colleen27 DIS Veteran

    Mar 31, 2007
    I know a few that I'm aware of, probably a few others that keep it quiet. There's a lot of overlap between the "green", intensive gardening, energy efficiency, backyard chickens, etc. community and the prepper 'movement' and I've met some interesting folks while trying to learn more about one household project or another. Some make you think, others just make you wonder.
  20. ellone

    ellone DIS Veteran

    Apr 30, 2009
    I guess my husband is. We're going to build a house and he is going to have it built so it can be completely off the grid. So well insulated that it barely loses/gains any heat, geothermal for the heating/cooling we do need, and solar panels going to batteries in the house (not the grid) for electricity.

    Now his new thing is having an aquaponics system in the house so that we can grow our own food year round.

    So not hoarding in the sense you thin of most doomsday preppers, just setting it up so that we can survive without help from anyone.
  21. The Mystery Machine

    The Mystery Machine Sunrise at my house. :+)

    Jan 4, 2001
    I would like to be "off the grid" just to save money and help the environment, not because of the "end of the world".

    I think it would be great to have solar panels to power some or all of my house.

    If doomsday happens then I guess I will have to work my way into a prepper society with my horticultural skills.:hippie:

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