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Feb 16, 2001

Not for me but on behalf of a friend.

They want to book DC for the whole family but the youngest will be 7 a couple of days after they get back to the UK. strict are DC on the minimum age?

How do they check? - via passport?

Any ideas folks? - thanks in advance
Are you ready to go back to the world? I know I am - last May was so wonderful.

Now to your question. We went to DC last May and they did not ask us for any identification for our youngest DD. She was 10 and we listed her as such but they didn't request that we verify it or anthing. Just our experience.
Isnt' the age requirement 6? When we went it was 6, but this was August 2001.
Went to DC in Oct 01. My DD was 6 yrs at the time and is even small for her age. The minimum age requirement at that time was 6 yrs of age and as far as I know has not changed.
They did not question us or her as to her age. She enjoyed every minute of her day at DC. Even though she swam with the dolphins I think she loved snorkeling with the other fish just as much.


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