Booking room only (on-site) via a third party (ebookers, Expedia etc.)


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Jan 25, 2010
So after my question a couple days ago, we’ve now found room only rate on ebookers which are very reasonable and therefore we are now inclined to stay on-site booking via ebookers.

However, would really appreciate if someone can help me understand (couldn’t find any thread about it):
  • If we stay at Cheyenne but book this via ebookers (instead of via DLP), do we still benefit from the same 60-day booking window for dinning? We are considering one character meal for our daughter’s first birthday. If we won’t be eligible for the early booking window, how difficult do you think it’d be? It’d be 25/26th November which are Monday and Tuesday.
  • Similarly, if book from a third party, do we get the same perks as booking direct? As as EMH?
  • Is there anything else we should be aware of if we book via ebookers for room only as opposed to booking via DLP?
Thank you so much for your help!!


believing in magic
Jan 25, 2010
1. Yes, which character meal are you thinking about?
That’s great to know! I read somewhere on another site that 60 days is only if booking direct, so I was a bit concerned.

I’m not sure at one, she’d be interested in the princesses, so probably a Mickey and friends meal would make more sense. Such a pity that Cafe Mickey doesn’t do character breakfast anymore.

If we can do a breakfast outside of the park, then we can do it on the Wednesday morning before our train at 11am. Otherwise I’m not sure if breakfast in park on Mon/Tue makes sense as we would like to do rides during EMH. Perhaps lunch? Any recommendation?
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Oct 1, 2012
We just stayed four nights at Cheyenne last month. Two nights were through our 3-Day, 2-night direct DLP package. The other two nights we booked separately through Expedia, as it was the least expensive option for a room only. One of the Expedia nights was the day before our package started, and the other Expedia night was the last day of our package. That way, we were able to wake-up and go to bed at DLP for the three days of our package. I called a few days before to have DLP link everything.

My experience at check-in was not as smooth as I was hoping, but I believe that was due to the particular cast member checking us in. In the end, there were no issues, but everything was a bit off. He seemed to understand everything, but then asked if we had theme park tickets (What?!?!?) ; then he couldn't give us the tickets at that moment, and we had to come back later in the evening; when he gave us directions to the room, he had us walk the long way around through the parking lot, rather than through the hotel grounds.


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Feb 3, 2016
No distinction whatsoever whenever you book your hotel stay regarding on-site perks. The hotel clerks most likely will not know what channel you used to book your room anyway.


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