9/09: Day 3: MK, DTD and Epcot

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    Me: tc (Kelli) 41 and major Disney lover
    Stephen: DH, puts up with my obsession

    Monday, September 9, 2002

    We wake up at 7:15, shower, eat oatmeal (Stephen, poptarts), drink PibbXtra and out the door by 8:30. Headed to MK today.

    We get to the gate before park opening, about 8:45. It opens at 9:00 and we all head in. Not too many people to fight with.

    We start our tour at Buzz Lightyear. This is a family favorite, and one of Stephen's all time favorites. Half way through the ride I realize I'm sitting on the wrong side. I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist, and I was shooting with that hand. Half way through I had to stop it hurt so bad. I tried to just hold it down, it didn't work that way. Oh well, Stephen would have beat me anyway.

    From here we went to the Astro Orbitor. Stephen noticed it on Saturday night at Night of Joy and said he had never noticed it before. We wanted to do things we had never done before, so on we went. It was a good view, but that's about all. We were the only people on it. The cm running it talked at length to Stephen about Harley motorcycles due to the t-shirt he had on. Stephen has a t-shirt from Harley dealerships from all over the country and they tend to be conversation starters wherever we go.

    From there we walked on Space Mountain. Tomorrowland was very empty. After SM, Stephen said he was feeling a little woozy. He thinks he's getting old. Star Tours and Body Wars have always given him a headache and dizziness, but never Space Mountain. He had allergies before we came, so I think his head was still a little stuffy and that attributed to his wooziness (is that a word?).

    We wandered over to Frontierland and rode BTMRR. I love this ride, but Stephen was just about ready to drop when it was over. We decided to escape to Tom Sawyer Island. It was just 10:00, so we got the first raft over. We wandered around and found a quiet, cool bench to sit on. We snacked on crackers and jerky and drank all our water. There was a little pond there so we enjoyed watching the ducks. Stephen names them all i.e. red beaked, three toe; or orange throat, long leg, Indian names, can you tell? It was very nice. We saw a few people walking around with the paintbrushes they found. We decided if we found one, we'de give it to a child, but we never found one. After he started feeling better, we explored the island. Stephen bounced the barrel bridge so much I could barely walk. We found the fort and spent a while shooting the guns. Well, I watched while Stephen pretended to shoot attackers. What is it about WDW that makes us act like kids? Whatever it is, I like it. We had a blast. We went through a couple of caves and wandered back to the rafts. We spent about an hour here. I didn't think we'd be there that long.

    Stephen was feeling a lot better (or, at least that's what he told me), so we rode Splash Mountain. I love this ride. We got in the front and got a little wet. Then I decided I was starving. It was only 11:30, but I felt like I hadn't eaten all day, so we headed to Pecos Bills.

    I love the fixin' bar here. We both got kids meals, hot dogs. Just enough food and just enough pop for $11.00.

    Sated and feeling much better, we headed to the Tiki Birds. Another one of those attractions we'd never seen before, so we wanted to try it. I found it fun, Stephen just about dozed off.

    From here we refilled our water bottle and got an Mickey ice cream bar to share. Then to the Hall of Presidents. We missed this last year, so wanted to see Dubbya. I love this show, very patriotic.

    We felt like we were ready to leave, so decided to go to Downtown Disney to spend my money. I had made $107 on the Internet doing surveys and Mypoints. As I got money, I exchanged it for Disney dollars. They were burning a hole in my pocket.

    We walked over to the buses, but found out you can't take a bus directly from MK to DTD. We took a boat to the TTC, then a monorail to the Poly, then a bus to DTD. I'm sure there's an easier way, but that's what we did.

    We arrived at DTD at about 3:30. We shopped for awhile in all the stores, but I bought in World of Disney. Got a necklace, anklet, shirt, stuff for the girls and pre-ordered Beauty and the Beast. We went into the new toy store and played a while. That's a great store. I love the Mr. Potato Head computer game. We printed our own picture.

    Sometime that afternoon we picked up a snack somewhere. Mine as another PibbXtra (not quite a Dr. Pepper, but close) and a small chicken salad. Stephen got a large cookie, I think.

    We ate at Wolfgang Puck Express. I love my sandwich, but Stephen wasn't too keen on the pizza. He'd been trying to get a good pizza, this was his second shot. There were onions and tomatoes on it, and he doesn't like either. He picked what he could off, and said it was pretty good, considering.

    We headed back to the Beach Club and went swimming at Stormalong Bay. Great pool. We had a blast. We really enjoyed the lazy river and hot tub. There was some refurbishing going on at the Yacht Club, so parts of the pool was closed off so no one got too close to the contruction.

    We got out at about 7:30, showered and headed to Epcot. Stephen hadn't had his Kaki Gori for the day, so we had to head there. We each got one this time. Of course, he ate the last 1/2 of mine. Can't seem to eat one all at once. I called Kimmi from pay phone to tell her we were having a great time and wished she was with us. Then we found a spot to watch Illuminations. This is Stephen's favorited show.

    We headed back via the Boardwalk to see what was happening. We watched the Banjoman and a magician doing card tricks. Both were very good. Stephen got a snack in the bakery, and we headed back to the room, leisurely walking past the Swan, Dolphin and Yacht Club.

    We were back in our room by 10:00. This sounds like an exhausting day, but it wasn't. Crowds were so low, we never rushed or waited. It was very relaxing for the most part.

    Tomorrow: MGM, Swimming and meeting Disers on our Illuminations Cruise.
  2. Towncrier

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    Aug 23, 1999
    Another excellent report Kelli. Thanks again for taking the time to post your trip report.
  3. yepod

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    Aug 18, 2001
    I'm glad you felt it was a "relaxing day"!

    Yes wooziness is in my American Heritage Dictionary (and I knlw how your DH felt LOL)!

    Thanks again for sharing!
  4. Krissalee

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    Feb 3, 2001
    You sure did do a lot, but I guess it could be relaxing since you took it at a slow pace!

    I plan to really explore Tom Sawyer Island in December!

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