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  1. chimera

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    Dec 17, 2004
    Hello everyone!

    For those new to us, we're a group of people who are planning to participate in walking/running events throughout the year. Some of us are training for the 2006 Disneyland Half and for the 2007 WDW Half/Full marathons. We'll also be posting news/training for various other events throughout the year. We range from non-running beginners to triathletes. Come join us, whether you're training for an event or walking/running for fitness!

    Here's the Marathon FAQ, a great place to answer your marathon questions:
    Disney Marathon FAQ
    And some websites for further running/walking info:
    The John Bingham site:
    Jeff Galloway's site:

    Race Etiquette with Miss Road Manners

    Pacing Calculator
  2. chimera

    chimera <font color=deeppink>WISH Racing Team Member<br><f

    Dec 17, 2004
    Let the taper begin! I seem to remember tapering involving eating a lot and running a little...or maybe I didn't do it right the first time :teeth:

    10 miles today in 2:19:39 at W3/R2...my 10 miler for the WDW half was 2:22:20. Just call me Ms Consistency...check out these splits!
    mile 1 13:51
    2 13:52
    3 13:54
    4 13:59
    5 13:48
    6 13:54
    7 13:43
    8 14:11
    9 14:16
    10 14:07.

    Oops...gotta run...more later!
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  4. perfectmatch300

    perfectmatch300 DIS Veteran

    Nov 29, 2000
    After I posted my news this week on last week's thread I see we are already on to a new week. Figured I'd better copy my post here.

    I do not think I mentioned it here before but some of you may have seen our sad news on another thread. DH's Mom passed away fairly unexpectedly last Mon after a short illness. She was 89 but still living independently and yes, even driving right to the end. She did go quickly which, for the active woman she was I consider a blessing. We have been in Brooklyn all week for the funeral. Training has been somewhat off this week, but not completely gone. What I have been able to do has provided a great deal of stress relief. We head back home to FL tomorrow. Can't wait to get back in warmer temps! It is really cold and windy here tonight!

    Chimera, sounds like you had a great 10 miler! You have come a long way in the past year!

    Edited to add that I have come down with a nasty cold while here.

    I will have to catch up with everyone's posts after I get home.
  5. littlegreydonkey

    littlegreydonkey DIS Veteran

    Nov 7, 2003
    Nancy - sorry to hear your news. Your husband seemed like a really nice man when I met him, so tell him we're thinking of him over here in NZ.

    So onto happier tales - yes that's right, happier ones in the world of Helen and running. I did the half, I did it in 2.30.19 and it wasn't anywhere near as painful as I deserved it to be considering my lack of training. There's two odd things about this race 1) you pick up your shirt the day before and wear it to run in, so the whole field of 3000 look the same 2) It has a staggered start so you decide when you want to go out, aiming to get back at 10.30am.

    I started at 2.45 minutes till finish, I'd originally planned to do 2.30 but thought I'd give myself the get out clause of 15 extra minutes just in case I lost it totally. Saw lots of friends and the start and it was quite cool temperaturewise. The first 7km is a flat loop, so coming back round the second half you could just see waves of red shirts on both sides of the road. 8km is where the hills begin - I haven't met anyone yet who did the race today and didn't walk the first one. You cross the road and then it's near vertical for about 200 metres - not far, but it destroys you (so it's completely acceptable to walk it!). So then I go, up hill, then down hill, uphill, then downhill for another 8km!!! I walked a few of the ups but actually felt okay.

    The last 5km is flat along the waterfront - at this point I was going to PB so I got all geed up - then at 17km the lack of training caught up with me and my speed (relative term that) and energy just kind of went away and I had to walk/run until 20, but I didn't care as I was still waaaaayyy ahead of what I'd thought I'd do, so I figured just aim on beating last years 2.33 - the only thing that did suck was that the last 500 metres was on grass. I don't run well on grass and while I had the energy to get in under 2.30 on tarmac I just couldn't speed up enough to pull it on grass - hence the 2.30.19!!!

    It's now 6 hours after the finish, I've had my nap, had my recuperative pint of cider (apples, remember, apples) and have no pain (compared to the marathon I don't think I'll ever feel pain after a half again!!!). My knee's a bit odd - feels like it's going to slip out of place when I go downstairs, but my kneecap does reposition itself now and again so I'll worry about that if I wake up with my foot facing backwards. And now I'm off for a curry at a friends house - so, looks like I'm back in the game. Thanks for keeping me with it guys. Helen
  6. chimera

    chimera <font color=deeppink>WISH Racing Team Member<br><f

    Dec 17, 2004
    Nancy... :grouphug: to you and Barry.

    Helen...wtg on your race! :cool1:

    Krista...LOVE the shadowbox! Btw, you're absolutely right...it's easier to run when the intervals are longer. Now that I've tried more running, it's definitely easier to settle into the pace!

    Lynne...wow...conditions for your 10 were much more severe than down here!
    Wtg on your run! :Pinkbounc

    Amy...hope you're enjoying your vacation!

    Cam...3 miles at 41:58?? That's just under a 14 min pace! Wtg :cool1:

    Carrie...love your new siggie photo!

    LisaSP...buses last year for Swan/Dolphin ran in the same loop as the BW and BC/YC buses.

    Minnie... pixiedust: for your MRI. I'm glad you're getting closer to a diagnosis.

    Christiana...welcome! There's no yelling around here...just lots of support :thumbsup2

    Colleen...wtg on your 4.5 on Friday! We're staying at the Swan in April for DH's conference, so we'll get to try out those famous beds!

    Lily...are you training now for your Chicago race? Please tell the Penguin we all said hi!

    Jodi...congrats on registering for the Goofy! :goofy:

    Dena...I felt like warm dog spit after the half, but the next day was relatively functional. I have a bad ankle that was really stiff, but we also stood around for 2+ hours after the half waiting for the 5K to start since DD13 was running in it.

    Dave...I never exactly know how to answer the what I do for a living question. The short answer is that I'm a physician assistant in endocrinology (office-based). But...I also have a doctor of pharmacy degree. Though I haven't worked as a pharmacist in a few years, I do use the knowledge daily.

    Thanks to everyone for the good wishes on my work situation. I do see my share of depressed patients, but it's rare for us to have even one in crisis, let alone two in such a short period of time.

    I really like the Clif Blocks! Much easier to deal with than the messy honey shots and peanut butter crackers. I felt better on this run, though I'm not sure if it was the Blocks or just being in better shape at this point. I did 3 blocks every 3 miles, but I think I may switch that to 2 every 2 miles. 3 at a time is just a little too much gooey sweetness for me!

    Good training everyone!
  7. MickeySP

    MickeySP Cruisin with sunnies & cold longnecks

    Jan 11, 2005
    Wow Already a new week, this month is flying.
    I think more so because I have not been able to amp it up, I am doing a 1/2 in weeks and am worried my lack of run will hurt me so much. I am fast walking but my first run will be tomorrow so we shall see what happens after 4 miles, fingers crossed no knee pain this time.

    We have decided on Swan/Dolphin, well rather I did, if family wants to join me that's where I'll be :teeth:

    Nancy - I am sorry to hear about DH's Mom, it is always tough. We lost
    my Dad after a long illness and even though we knew it was coming
    it was hard. :grouphug: Hope the cold gets better.

    Krista - I LOVE the shadowbox, I am definitely stealing your idea! :scratchin

    Cam - WTG!! I have noticed with core training the rest is getting easier.

    Mel - Nice splits, I aspire to your times! :worship:

    Helen - impressed, and that was without training :worship: :worship:
    Sounds like a great recovery too.
  8. TammyNC

    TammyNC <font color=red>WISH Biggest Loser/Red Team</font>

    Dec 7, 2003
    Nancy, I had posted my reply on the other thread as well but copied it over here.

    I am so sorry to hear about your MIL. I didn't see it on another thread but my prayers are with you and your family.

    Get better soon, maybe all you need is that FL weather.
  9. jodistar

    jodistar DIS Veteran

    May 2, 2004
    Morning everyone,

    Nancy Sorry to hear of your family's loss :grouphug:

    Krista I love your shadowbox - I hope next year I'm lucky enough to do something similiar :thumbsup2

    Yesterday, I never posted my workout - here goes:

    TM work - (3 miles)
    3.8 - 5 minutes
    5.8 - 5 minutes
    3.8 - 5 minutes
    5.8 - 10 minutes
    3.8 - 5 minutes
    5.8 - 3 minutes
    3.8 - through the end at 40 minutes - then cool down for 10 minutes

    The work that I did with my trainer: - Back Lunge and Front shoulder raise - 5 pound weights, 12 reps, 3 sets
    - Backlunge and chest fly - 5 pound weights, 12 reps, 3 sets
    - Curtsee and shoulder raise - 5 pounds, 12 reps, 3 sets
    - V Twist (using elastic - balancing on butt, feet off floor) 12 reps, 3 sets
    - Stationary plank - hold for as long as you can (the longest that I could do it was 45 seconds)
    - Bicep cable curl on the bosu ball - 12 reps, 3 sets
    - Sideleg raises (Pilates type move) 12 reps, 3 sets each leg

    I'm a little sore today, so I'm debating on whether to make this a rest day or to go and run.....the only thing that is really sore is my butt.....but it is a good sore.

    While at my training session yesterday - I met one of the other trainers (Mary) and she has already done marathons and belongs to the same running club that I just joined. We got talking and she might join me running with the club....one of the meets is right near her house. I would have liked to talk to her more but she had a client waiting. Both Mary and my trainer, Diane, know what I am capiable of and they both know once I put my mind to something I can definetely do it! It made me feel good that they thought that way by me.

    Sorry for such a long post :teeth:

    Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!

  10. plutosmyfav

    plutosmyfav <font color=deeppink>Has high hopes, high apple pi

    Sep 19, 2002

    I had DD take a picture of me before I headed out yesterday. I told her I might knock off a bank while I'm out!

    Lynn-- I had the same experience as you! I really didn't think the wind was too bad so I went for my LR outside. Some gusts were so strong I could barely move forward during them. I must say, though, the new soft shell wind proof running jacket I got for val day really is wind proof. I was much warmer than last weeks LR in two fleeces.

    I did 9 miles. The first 5 were nice and strong, all sub 9:30. Then the wind really picked up and the final four miles are more uphill. My overall pace ended up being 10:26.

    Krista-- great shadow box. You all are putting me to shame. My mickey medal is carelessly draped over my bedroom curtain rod, along with my "Filly first place" medal and (gasp) my Applefest half medal from Oct 1st!!!!

    Carrie-- I love your new siggie pict. Did you make that Pooh yourself? Its awsome!

    Nancy-- I did catch your news on the other thread and again, I want to say I am so sorry for your loss :grouphug:

    Helen-- Great Half!!!! What a neat idea about the staggered start to all finish at the same time.

    Jodi-- great training! Sounds like you have a rock-solid plan in place.

    Mel--- great splits!

  11. TXBelle

    TXBelle Queen of the Pirates

    Nov 29, 2004
    Nancy- I am so sorry to hear about your loss. :grouphug: for you and Barry.

    Sunny- Love the picture! Here's to you and Lynn for running in such cold, windy conditions! :cool1: :cool1: :cool1:

    Yesterday was a rest day for me. Today I am going to ride my bike and WL at the gym. It is too cold and wet to ride outside. (I know, I am a wimp)

    LisaSP- We stayed at the Swan this year for the marathon, and we loved it. The heavenly beds were wonderful! I highly recommend the Swan.
  12. disnygoof

    disnygoof The future Mrs. Hicks

    Apr 23, 2003
    First off, thanks to all for the encouraging words! I went to the gym Saturday (begrudgingly, but I went! LOL) and did 1/2 hour on the Precor and 1/2 hour on the Octane, plus my weights and abs. After I was done and smelly with sweat, I realized how much I do like working out. Although it's hard to get motivation at first sometimes, I realize the rewards are well worth it. :) So thanks again!! Today I play on making friends w/Billy and doing some Tae Bo and weights. :dancer: (This smiley has nothing to do w/Tae Bo, but I just really like it and it makes me laugh :rotfl: )

    Nancy, so sorry about your sad news :( It sounds like she was a remarkable woman up to the end.

    Chimera, you're an inspiration! I am glad when I make 5 miles LOL :) Keep up the good work!!

    Helen, WOW!! :worship: You should be extremely proud of yourself!!

    Sunny, awesome work out! Your picture is so funny, love the bank robber look LOL

    Okay, I'm off to the run some errands! Will post more later :)
  13. plutosmyfav

    plutosmyfav <font color=deeppink>Has high hopes, high apple pi

    Sep 19, 2002
    Yahoo! DS and I just finished TaeBo for kids. Anyone with small ones: I strongly recommend the TaeBo for kids. As always, he says really encouraging things to the kids.

    We also made volcanoes today. He missed the science project when he stayed home sick so we did it at home. Messy but fun!

    Yesterday I rented "Four Minutes". It was a really good movie. I take it from the movie that Roger Banister invented the TM? I highly recommend the movie.
  14. xterratri

    xterratri <font color=blue>Recommends the "livestock" workou

    Jan 7, 2005
    And to think I always assumed that the invention of the dreadmill came out of Germany in the 40s. :teeth: They were awfully interested in human performance and had incredibly horrific methods for exploring those boundaries.

    Mel- WTG on your 10 miles. Do I sense a PR coming on at the Grouper Run? BTW, I really like the logo for that.

    Nancy- PD to you and Barry during your tough times.

    Helen- Yeah!!! Isn't it amazing how much easier a 1/2 seems after doing a full?

    Sunny- I love my soft shell too. mom got it for me for x-mas and it's gotten a lot of use lately, mostly running and some biking. I wasn't ever really cold when running yesterday but it was still miserable w/ the wind.

    Heather- I've only been riding outside if it's over 40 and dry this winter so no, I won't call you a wimp. Besides you're going to WL too so that should count for an extra star.

    Lisa(MickeySP)- PD for that knee. The boston 1/2 is 3 weeks from today.

    Jodi and DisnyGoof- good job on your workouts. You're doing great and remember that this is the "train to train" stage.

    Today was a bike day- the training plan called for either 90 min outside or 60 minutes inside. Since the negative digits with wind chill did not meet the over 40 and dry criteria, I rode the trainer. Did the aero base builder IV spinervals DVD and got 1 mile more distance for the same workout at virtually the same heart rate than when we last did that one 2/7 so it was a good workout. Run and swim tomorrow- will swim before school and run after to give it a chance to warm up. It's nice that the days are just enough longer that I can actually do that tomorrow. It does help that we get out at 4 rather then 5 too.
  15. aladdinsgirl

    aladdinsgirl She's a rebel. She's a saint.

    Sep 15, 2002
    Hey everybody!! How is everyone doing? I'm pretty good, I ran 4 miles yesterday in 48:00, still not completely pleased with the pace, but I'll take it. The beginning of the run was rough, but once I did about a mile and a half, I felt better. It always takes me a couple of miles to settle down and get into a comfortable pace, that stinks when you're only running 3 or 4 miles, but a great feeling when you have a longer distance. I'm still not completely excited about running yet, I think it's one of 3 things: 1. I'm not terribly excited about running the Country Music 1/2. 2. I think "I've already done this before and it wasn't that hard, so this half will be easier". Yeah, right. 3. My training last year and the half was so great, that I'm scared to do it again because this race might not be as successful as the Disney half and then I'll get discourged. It's amazing how the mental aspects can really effect your running. I guess I'll just have to get out and run, whether I want to or not!!

    Nancy-- :grouphug: :grouphug: to you and your DH during this difficult time. You are in our prayers.

    Colleen--We got the poster at one of the booths at the Expo Center. My own little Martha Stewart made that shadow box.

    Mel-- :banana: :banana: on your 10 miler!! I can tell you don't have my mental problems!! GL on your half, I know you're going to rock!

    Sunny--You look like a burglar!!! I can see all those layers didn't effect your run!

    Helen-- :cheer2: :cheer2: on your half!! That's awesome! I'm glad you got your groove back! :woohoo:

    :wave: to everyone that I missed, there is so many of us, it's hard to talk to everyone! But it's a good problem to have. Talk to you all tomorrow. Happy training!!
  16. jodistar

    jodistar DIS Veteran

    May 2, 2004
    Thanks Sunny - that coming from you mean a lot! I absolutely loved reading your journal and you are a huge inspiration to me! :goodvibes

  17. gatorphipps

    gatorphipps Yes I run like a girl...Now try to keep up.=-)

    Jun 11, 2005
    Hey everyone!
    I have been so busy with work....bla bla bla.....
    We are a chatty group! I cannot even keep up. Trying to post b/4 my LONG planning meeting today. Hope everyone is doing great. I haven't been able to read everyones posts, maybe later.

    Sunny I did see your pic! Can I rob the store with you? We don't need a get away car...we can just RUN! :eek:

    Nancy - So sorry for everything going on in your life... :grouphug: pixiedust: :grouphug:

    Congrats to all you who have signed up for the half, full, and goofy! :thumbsup2

    I am still training hard. Been running, swimming, and biking.....Ran 12 on Friday...we were kinda slow b/c of the wind...our ave pace was 10 MPM. It was warm though... pixiedust: to all you who run in the freezing cold...I don't know if I could do it.
    DD5 is sick so I don't know how I will work out today. :guilty: I was going to bike and swim but that is out. I cannot go to the Y with a sick baby! :confused3 :lmao: Do they not understand I am in training? :rotfl2:
  18. wtpclc

    wtpclc <font color=red>Has three great loves: Mickey, Po

    Mar 30, 2004
    Nancy - :grouphug:

    MIckeySP - It's been pages ago, but you were unhappy about the weight going up. My best suggestion is to take measurements. Not around you legs, as they will get bigger. Thighs, maybe. But, don't ge ttoo caught up in the scale numbers, as you want that muscle to be replacing your fat.

    Lily - What do you mean you might not play with us in January????

    Krista - Your shadowbox is AWESOME!!!

    Mel - Congrats on your 10-miler!!!

    Cam - SOunds like your doing great, even when you say you're slow. I belive your pace was still much better than last year. WTG!!!

    Sunny - :worship: It was 3 degrees before windchill. DH said no to running. I need to get out on a LR again! AS fro my siggie, Pooh was pit=rated. However, the medal he is wearing is mine. I scanned it for a scrapbook project and then put it on Pooh. I am not a graphic artis in any way, but I though my first time trying wasn't too bad.

    Christa - You need to get your dd trained fo rwhen to be sick and when not to! ;) Hope she's better soon!
  19. MelRhoads

    MelRhoads Goofy Girl

    Jun 15, 2005
    Good morning everyone!!! We are back from the freezing weekend!! Phil did the adventure race. They were out for 20 hours in temps all below 25 deg and freezing rain. I think the kayaking was especially bad b/c it was sleeting heavily and it was dark, so all they could see was sleet coming down in their headlamp light! The mountain biking was tough b/c the trails were hard and then covered w/ a thin layer of ice. Boy and I stayed in cabin w/ no TV and NO INTERNET!!! I think he is finally better, christa, I feel your pain! They actually won the race, so it was worth the trip. They have placed, but never won, so that was a real treat (although, in my mind, a small reward for being cold for that long) this is one race i was glad to sit out!!!!

    I am going to have a light week as i have that 26.2 mile training run in fort worth with all those other people who are running the Cowtown marathon :rotfl2:

    Sunny - I loved the pic. I mostly enjoyed it b/c i was skimming the posts to catch up and i saw the pic. I had to actually look at your siggie to figure out who was behind the mask.

    Helen - congrats on the half!!! You did great!!

    Boy is paging me so I'll have to catch up more later!!!
  20. plutosmyfav

    plutosmyfav <font color=deeppink>Has high hopes, high apple pi

    Sep 19, 2002
    Jodi-- thank you for the kind words :cloud9:

    Christa-- So glad to see you :grouphug: I've missed you!

    MelR-- congrats to the crazy adventurer's! Sounds very cold indeed.

    I just got an email saying that the Applefest Half registration is now open!!!! Any takers? Its Sept 30: http://www.gatecity.org/AF/index.shtml

  21. lizdotcom99

    lizdotcom99 <font color=purple>Tags Have Been Donated<br><font

    Nov 21, 2001
    :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

    I just had a HUGE post and lost it!

    Needless to say, I am not going to be able to find the time to redo it all....I did try to address all of you.....so just think of me sending each and everyone of you happy thoughts and good training vibes.
    pixiedust: pixiedust: pixiedust: pixiedust: pixiedust:

    I am still here and have been in lurk mode. Not training like I should have been.....and need to really get my act together. I have a 1/2 to do April 1.....I need to be ready for that one!

    It has been cold and windy, wet and icky out...so no training for me....that sounds like a good excuse...right? It is going to be in the 40's this week...I will be out getting in my eight miler.....hold me to it please! If you haven't heard from me by Thursday that I have done this...feel free to call, post, send threatening pms and whatever you need to do. Lily has my number and is free to give to all of you!!! I can't believe I just said that!

    Anyway, off to work on some more job hunting stuff and house building stuff!

    I do have an interview Wednesday and there are a few job fairs in the area....as well as some other irons in the fire. We will see how these all pan out. NO MORE driving a million miles for me....so keep your fingers crossed that I can find a job that is close to home and will challenge me and well there is that $$ factor too! Hey, I don't want TOO much, do I?

    Well, I am off to get more stuff done! Thanks for the inspiration! You guys are the best!

    Happy training!

    :banana: :banana:

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