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    Oops, I just saw the typo in the headline....."When do dues start"....We are paying cash for our membership and will be doing so next week. Our use year is October. My question is when do we start paying our monthly dues? Is it now or this October? Are we given the choice of date for the auto payment within the month? Thanks so much!

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    You pay when you close for 2012. Then you can have them start taking out the dues for 2013 either on the 1st or 15th if I remember correctly.

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    If you bought direct the dues are calculated as follows: From the signed date of the contract, from the date of your first points or from the date your unit is available for occupancy.

    The last one only applies if you are buying a new resort that isn't open. The second one would mean your dues start in Oct but would only apply if you did not receive 2011 points and were waiting for 2012. So most likely your dues follow the first which means they're prorated from the date of your contract.

    There's usually a slight delay to get the dues bill. If you signed up to pay your dues monthly then that will start either in the month following your purchase or most likely the month after that. If you were going to pay in a lump sum you will probably receive the bill in 6 week or so.

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