Where In The World 21. We are now completely legal!!!


Where Are The Umbrella Hats
Nov 17, 2010
Welcome everyone to Where in The World 21.

Yes we have reached that age where you must bring ID to play :lmao:

We no longer need to hide from anyone what we all have been doing for the last few years.

No you cannot use the following reasoning to gain entry

I have to say my first thought with the below pic is that in 21 years from now this could be Jeff and James :rotfl:

21 also comes with a lot of responsibility

Also with the added pressure of being very responsible, one also keep in mind with alcohol is

Now with the new growing of age means settling down into a career of some type. Some will go work at...

In order to have money to by the beer and head to the casino's to play....

Now some of us "experienced" game players were around at the beginning of and can remember these shows...

Now with our age challenged group brings a lot of knowledge, wisdom and foresight. We all would like to be in great shape. As you youngsters see this you will think I can do that in the 21 days, where the elder generation knows that we would not be this fit within 21 years :rotfl2::rotfl2:

Now to the basic rules for the game. You use any photo that you have taken and crop a small piece of that photo out. Then use any photo hosting site and place it here in the Where in the World thread for everyone to guess the WHAT, WHERE and /or WHO the pic is.

Keep in mind that as we ALL are getting older so the larger and brighter the crop the better

The photo has to come from anywhere "ON" Disney World property, That is the only rule and everything is fair game.
:worship::worship::worship: Like always...you've outdone yourself with this new one. My favorite is the picture referring to Jeff and James; I haven't had to use the "dog years" excuse for WAY to long :rolleyes: and, as the "elder member" of the original group, absolutely NO need to worry about the pregnancy thing :rolleyes1; no more "hiding what we've been doing" :yay: and eventually we need umbrella hats for ALL players :thumbsup2; YOU are by far the "Fitness King" ::yes:: and I'm predicting we will continue having fun despite the fact that we're now "legal".:dance3: Thanks again for helping make WITW SPECIAL! :grouphug: :tink:

I'll post my next crop here on #21; let's get the "carpet crop" solved on #20 first. One of the other players can start the crops on this one...

I think I am the first to wish Heather a happy birthday :)


Congrats on getting legal!!!

:grouphug:...and it only took us 7-8 years to reach #21! :rotfl2: Things going okay for you and your family? Have been enjoying your photos on Facebook; not much time to comment but love looking through them. Busy time for us during our Spring...school is out in a couple weeks and lots of activities with DGD's...but never to busy to stay in contact with Disney friends! :confused3 :tink:


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