When are you Going? Post Your Dates and Find A Match!!! Things to do! Peeps to Meet!

Paddy Pat

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Apr 25, 2015
I'm going Sep 28 to October 2, staying at Pop. It's my first solo trip so I'm a bit nervous about being alone for rides or wonder how it'd be like walking around alone with no one to talk to. So if anyone wants to meet up for a few rides or for food, happy to meet new Disney fans.
I've done half dozen or so solo trips, just came back from one actually. Once you arrive, you wont have a stitch of nervousness. While in line for rides, I would always end up talking to people around me, (they are envious of me being solo). Dining solo also has its advantages. If you have not made reservations, there are quite a few places that will sit a solo walk up. Always conversations if you choose with staff and other guest. I can't stress enough of the amount of fun you will have solo. The best
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Nov 24, 2001
I'll be in the Parks from August 1-6, 2021 if anyone wants to meet up for a meal or a drink.


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Jun 16, 2021
Hello group, I will be from July 7 to 11 in Orlando, I plan to go on the 8th to Disney Hollywood and the 9th to the Space Center. I hope to see someone around that time.

  • eMoneyBug

    May 1, 2012
    Crew of 8 at Saratoga Springs 7/30 - 8/6/2021. The 2 older boys, both 21years old would like to meet fellow dis travellers, let me know if you have any 18-25 year olds travelling during that time and we can connect them on their social media now, etc.


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    Jul 21, 2021
    September 13-19. A 57 year old bear who would just like to spend some time together. Too many cancelled cruises--I'm going to DisneyWorld. Frequent solo traveler. First time Disney.