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Oct 21, 1999
I last reported in December when I posted my Millennium Report .

Since then we have made 5 trips to WDW. Quick synopsis of the first 4: Jan 20 - 28, the three of us stayed at ASMo. Ate everywhere, went everywhere, did everything. Ok, not really but a great time had by all highlighted by Phyll getting all of her hair cut off at Harmony barbershop. I need to find time to scan before and afters.

Trip 2 - On Saturday morning Feb 24 Natalie and I were driving around North Miami and I asked her what she wanted to do. "Go to Walt Disney World!" She replied. "Hmmm?" I thought. "OK" I responded. and off we went. Called CRO from car, got CBR for $89 and away we went. Returned home the next afternoon.

Trip 3 - This one was planned, and it happened to be the next weekend. Mar 1 - 4, Coronado Springs. Our first time at this resort, very nice. Stayed in the Ranchos, right next to the new bus stop. Great water slide.

Trip 4 - Another unplanned adventure. Decided Friday morning (3/23), after working from Thursday morning and then overnight, that we would head up for the weekend. Got ASMu for $59 from the car and we were there!

So that brings us to this past weekend. Another installment of Natalie and Daddy!

This one was planned. A weekend stay at All Star Sports. I picked up Natalie in North Miami at 6:00 pm on Friday. We were at Sports by 9:00. Wow, the highschoolers! Note to self, if you ever go to WDW around grad night time, stay at Music!!

Nat napped in the car all the way there so she finally went to sleep at midnight. Oh, forgot to mention, Natalie (the Little Commandette) is now three years and three months old. This is her 19th trip to WDW since her first the week after her first birthday.

Saturday morning we were up at 6:30 and on the bus to MK at 7:10. After a short wait at the gate, it was Dumbo-Ho! Arriving first in queue, we boarded the nearest Dumbo and thus began our EE adventure. The following was accomplished by the time the rope dropped at Toontown at 9:00 am: (in this order) Dumbo, Pooh 2x, Pan 2x, Small World, Snow White, Carrousel, Mad Tea Party, Speedway, Astro Orbiter, Buzz, Tea Party again. We actually finished up with 10 minutes to spare. So, 13 attraction trips in about an hour and 15 minutes. And there are those that say Early Entry isn't worth it.

We were first in line for Barnstormer, but Natalie changed her mind at the last second and didn't ride with Goofy. Instead, we sat right behind him. Nat gets a real kick when characters ride the attractions with her. A banana at the Toon Town Market and then two more trips on the barnstormer and then through the lines at Hall of Fame character greeting. We hopped the train to Frontierland, went to Pirates, Jungle Cruise, and Tiki Room. We crossed over to Liberty Square to see our ghost friends and then to Casey's for a dog. Monorailed to TTC and caught bus to AK.

At AK we grabbed a 12:35-1:35 Fastpass to Kali, and watched the Wonders of flight show that started at noon. Then we took Natalies first trip on Kali. The new restraint system is great, allows kids 38 inches and taller to ride. It was babtism by buckets for the Natster as she led the way down the big drop. That, of course, meant she got drenched (and I mean good.) Little kiddo loved it, though. We grabbed a couple of Mickey bars and ducked into Pizzafari to eat them in the A/C. Caught the bus back to Sports and hit the pool. Worked on Nat's swimming for about an hour and she hit the sack for a two hour nap at 3:00p.

At 6:00, bussed to Epcot. Went through Spaceship Earth, wandered slowly to Land where we had a 7:00p PS for Garden Grill. Great as usual, but didn't know any of the CMs working that night, which is rare. We darted over to WS for ToN, several puppets reached out for Nat - she loves that. Then we followed the last puppet to the gate. Then over to Norway where we parked it at the fence for RoE. Just love that show. Since the Millennium Celebration was such a big part of last year for us, RoE (and ToN for that matter) is a great way to relive those memories. We very slowly worked out way back to FW, stopped at the fountain outside Space to watch it for a few minutes. Then I let Nat run wild at the dancing lights outside Innoventions. Bussed back to Sports, big crash landing at about 11:00p

Nat woke me at 7:15 on Sunday (yesterday). We packed it up, picked up the dreaded envelope from the front door (dreaded, because it means you are leaving) and headed off to the Studios to complete our four-park weekend. Grabbed Mermaid Fastpass, then headed to Muppets (it was still EE time.) Then we did our customary "check Natalie's height" at Star Tours. She is less than a quarter inch shy, but the CM tells us to go in and they will make a final decision inside. Knowing that we could do a flight check if she didn't make it, we went in. Guess what, they let her ride. She had done a couple of flight checks, so she knows the attraction. With the motion it was super cool to her! Then we saw the first show of Ariel, on to GMR and Quasi. Lunch at Hollywood and Vine, then to Honey I Shrunk the Kids. We caught the 1:45 showing of Doug Live! Nat's first time seeing (she loved it), and perhaps last if reports of its closing are true. We greeted characters at the exit and hopped in the car. The end of another great trip for the two of us, and more cherished memories.

Next up, Memorial Day. And yes, Mommy comes for this one! (ps she comes three times a year - the 8 day trip in January, Memorial Day 5 day weekend, and then a 6 day trip in late September.) She works a lot of weekends, so that's when Nat and I do our special trips.
that is so great........thanks so much for the great report too.......sounds like you all hit just about everything you needed to
Always love reading your reports about your little getaways with your daughter. I don't know how you find the time to fit everything in. Sounds like you packed it all in though (like always) Glad to hear she finally made it onto Star Tours and Kali. Thanks for posting!
We'll be there Memorial day weekend, too!
There's a DIS meet with Dan Murphy at Epcot on the 27th. Maybe we'll see you there!
Thanks for the report!

always enjoy your reports! You are creating some very special memories for your little girl!


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