what do u miss?


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Jun 2, 2002
what are some rides that you can remember that u loved that no longer exist today for example mine would be the MR toad ride or even horizon
definitely the Mr. Toad ride. And Captain EO, the Michael Jackson thing (even though I don't really remember it lol)
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride! You died and went to hell, how un-Disneylike. Hehe.

Toad, Horizons, World of Motion, and Captain EO. I especially miss Toad, as you can probably tell...

If you can't tell by my name, Mr. Toad :( , Horizons, and WoM, and the original JII
Horizons and Mr. Toads. I dont think I was ever on WoM and Captain EO.
I am going to go by DL attractions, since I have only been to WDW twice, both really recently...at DL, I miss...

People Mover
Captain EO
Country Bears!
Circle Vision (great place to sleep on a hot summer afternoon hehe)
Sky Buckets
everyone wants Mr. Toad's Wild Ride ;)

Well, it will be the soon to be removed Timekeeper. I also liked Dreamflight and World of Motion.
Aww...I loved Mr. Toad and Horizons. I also wish they didn't ever refurbish Jorney into your Imagination...I miss t he original!
Mr. Toad!!!!! :(


and hopefully Timekeeper and CoP won't close soon!!

I never rode World of Motion!! :( :(
Wow... there are a lot more rides then I'd thought about that they've taken out.
These are the ones I miss:
~World of Motion
~Mr. Toad
~Captain EO
~Old Figment version of Journey into your Imagination
~Super Star Television (?- at MGM when I was about 8)
~ The old Enchanted Tiki Room
Hey kim89 they redid the redo of Journey into the imagination i think cause my mom was sayin that they put it back the way it was supposed to be................wasnt the original with Figment?? He is there now!
The only part of Mr. Toad was the part where you died :)

I miss Horizons the most! I liked where the kids were in their scuba gear in their sub, and then you saw them in the water, and I liked how you got to pick your scenario that you were going to watch. I would also push the button I wanted in everyone elses seat :)

I hope they don't get rid of CoP either! I love the song! hehe :)

In DL, I think they got rid of Rocket Rods, I think it is, or whichever one is like the fast TTA. I've never been to DL, but when we do (probably next year) I wanted to go on it! :(


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