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    Okay, my DH was invited by his mother to go to Vietnam with her next spring. He also wants to bring our DS who will be 5 by then. They don't know exact dates yet but it will be in March or April. It should run us about $3,000 for airfare and hotel/food.

    I'm thinking that while he's there, I could go to WDW again! :rolleyes1 :banana: What do you think I would be spending for a Sun - Fri trip for myself, DD 9, and DS 2. I'm not looking forward to a value resort room. I'm looking more at AKL since I think my kids would LOVE the animals. I'm thinking 4 or 3 days in the parks and no park hopping or any extra's since being myself with two kids I will be doing everything slow and relaxed. We can spend a lot of time at the hotel pool or at DTD. Has anyone gotten any good rates with codes or discounts through AAA for these months? Do you think I could pull this off for cheap enough. I'm hoping under $2,500 for everything including airfare, hotel, tickets and food. Is it possible?

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    Only AAA and AP rates remain active for the March and the first part of April. For a value resort, you can expect a 15% discount off of the rack rate of $109/night. The AP rate is $74/night. If you trip begins after April 16, the only discount currently available is the AAA rate (15% off the rack rate of $99/night.

    If you don't have an AP, you will need passes for yourself and your DD9. Ticketmania discounts the 3- and 4-day MYW base passes (expiry) slightly. For a 3-day MYW base, you would pay $181/$144 (adult/child). For the 4-day pass, it would be $194/$155. For an extra $24, you can enjoy extra day in the parks.

    I'm not sure what airport you would be flying out of or if you could have your DS as a lap baby. I think that the child needs to be under 2? Just checking Southwest's site, they have some flights in March for as little as $79 one-way, departing from Manchester.

    So, I would estimate the following:
    • 5 nights at AllStar resort (AAA rate, w/tax) = $521.16
    • 1 adult & 1 child 4-day MYW pass (Ticketmania) = $349
    • 3 RT airfare on Southwest (Manchester -->MCO) = $526.20
    • Total (so far) = $1396.36

    Of course, this doesn't include food ($75/day) or transportation to/from the airport ($120 via towncar). And it is based upon you getting the discounted room and airfare. But, I think you can do it for under $2500.
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    Your dates will be during the spring break period. Since discount codes are used to fill empty rooms, and resort and park occupancy tends to be high during that period, good discount codes are unlikely.

    Doesn't mean they won't occur, just unlikely IMHO. :)
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    Another thing to look for - this past year - in November til I think December 1st you could reserve rooms through about April 15th using the Winter Resort Discount...I did it online and it was a great discount. I think alot of people forgot about it or missed it since it was called Winter Resort Discount but really went through early Spring.


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