we too are considering timeshare.

Hi, LisaLisa!

I did get your email but then that email just stopped working!

I took the 10:30am tour because my son and I went to Universal early that morning. It was New Year's Eve and we wanted to get there to ride our favorite rides before the crowd came in. If you plan to go to Universal the road that Westgate Lakes is on actually leads straight to the park! It was a breeze to drive to!

Again, I had no problem with the 90 mins and ours was just that, 90 minutes. The place is really nice and you cannot beat the value!

I hope your experience was as good as mine! :D
Lisa, I have done this at the Vistana Resort and will be doing another one this year at the Hilton grand vacation club. I think they are a great way to save money. Just be strong and be sure to say "no"!!!
Ok, we did the westgate lakes about 3 years ago on a owner referral. The guy was a jerk. We already own at disney and he would not take no for the answer. It took us about 2.5 hours and my husband just kept waiting. Since then we have done a few others with no problem. So it all depends on the sales rep.

I would just like to add that if you do the tour and want to buy, you might do well to say no and look at a resale. Many times the resales are MUCH less expensive than buying direct!!
just mention tug (timeshare users group)


Westgate is very aware of this group and they don't buy from developers. You can buy a resale about 50% lower than the developers price - with Westgate make that 70% lower.
I have heard many bad reports about the various Westgate operations in Orlando.

If I were truely interested in a timeshare of any kind...I would look at Marriot and Starwood.

Disney has a very flexible program but it is not a deeded resort but their program is very well run. A disclaimer...we are DVC members.

Unless financing were an issue I would go the resale route. At times there are excellent incentives if you buy direct but weigh the difference against a resale.

Do alot of research.


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