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May 3, 2012
Hello Everyone,

For those of you that have booked multiple rooms at Disney's Old Key West Resort for a large friends and/or family stay, how successful was your travel with notation? Were you able to get the same building or, at least neighboring buildings? We have reservations for a 2-bedroom villa and deluxe studio. Shared experiences are much appreciated!

With gratitude,
Have done this twice at OKW: once with a 2BR + studio, in neighboring buildings; once with a GV + studio, same building, pretty much next to each other but had to go up and down different stairs to access. Also did it once at SSR with 2BR + studio, got same building, one above the other.
In 2012, we had a group of 15 staying in (2) 2BR's. We had "travelling with" noted on both reservations and they gave us rooms right next to each other on the top floor.
Back in the days when there were smoking and non-smoking rooms, and I sometimes traveled with smokers, we'd get rooms in buildings that were next to each, one smoking one non-smoking building. Now withe everything non-smaoking, I've had up to 3 rooms in the same building, usually two-two bedrooms and a one bedroom.
Over the years, we've done a couple family reunion type trips with multiple rooms at OKW. We noted traveling together, and the worst that we ever had were 4-5 rooms in the same building. We worked it out to give each family 'unit' their own studio or 1BR, and it worked out well. Never an issue meeting up in the morning to head to the parks or in the evening to head out for dinner. We've also done AKL and BCV, but OKW was the most convenient for having rooms close together.
Many years ago, we had a 2BR and a studio at BWV. We were on the same floor, across and a little bit down the hall from each other.

On our most recent big family trip, we had two P/G view 2BR at BWV. I asked for “near tennis courts” because it was December 2020, when RotR was on VQ. We were next to each other, ground floor, last two 2BR, right next to the exit door and a short walk to DHS. That was handy, because we got BGs 2 and 10 on different days and had to get dressed and out the door quickly!

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