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Jun 3, 2000
Has anyone here taken a DL behind the scenes tour?
Wondering if it is worth taking away part of our day. (We plan on two days at DL, one at DCA)


CSR: 01/01
DL- off site: 05/01
WDW - on site: 01/02
I would also like info on the Behind the Scenes tour. Especially since the Disney Club sent a 50% coupon.

Is the tour appropriate for an 8 and 10 year old? Would they be interested or just bored?

Wilderness Lodge; Dec 1999
Disneyland March 2001!
My daughter and I did the "Walk in Walt's Footprints" tour last May. It was wonderful!! They gave lots of facts and information. It wasn't very expensive, either (especially with that 50% off coupon). Now, the tours are MUCH different than a Disney World tour (I've done both Backstage Magic and Keys to the Kingdom); DL is much less expensive, in DW you have to be 16 (NOT true in DL - there were interested little kids on my tour), and the tours are more extensive. The Disneyland tour lasted a couple of hours, and hit almost every land (I don't think we did Tomorrowland). It is a lot of walking, but again, we loved it!


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