Thread showing credits for ITEMS ON MENUES at QS & TS??

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by Gmouse, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Gmouse

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    May 19, 2007
    I know the credits it takes for the restaurants we want. But I need to see the items allowed from the menues. Is there a thread for that?? Last trip there were things we were and weren't allowed on the menu and it took twice as long to order than it should have. Having to wait for the waitor to come back and explain what we can get or not.
    Just want to kinda know what we want to order before we get in there. With a little one along with us she won't have much paitience for sitting there waiting on our order. Just trying to speed the process a little. :)

    I found the thread for snack credits. that' not a big deal...
  2. DisneyLoverUSA

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    Aug 3, 2011
    With the dining plan quick service and table service meal you get ONE entree, ONE dessert and ONE non alcoholic drink. No apps are included and you have to pay your own gratuity. If the meal is on the menu than you can order it. There's no special section of the menu that you have to order off of if using the dining plan, so what is it exactly you had to wait for the waiter to explain to you about what you could order? And it probably only had to be explained to you once then you knew what to do for the rest of the trip right? So what are you confused about going back this time?
  3. Gmouse

    Gmouse It's a small world after all!

    May 19, 2007
    359's been over 2.5 years since we did it and it was still new to ALOT of wait staff, for some reason. We had several places that one would say we could have this, another would say no. Apps were one of them. We got apps at one place, not another....and had to pay OOP for the thing after ordering. Smoothies for DS were another-one said yes, one said no. Sooo....that is why I am wanting to know this BEFORE we get there and have to sit and wait for wait staff to anwer our questions whilst we keep our 2 yr old occupied..which can be difficult in a restaurant. Just want to plan ahead...that's all :)
    The snack credits have changed since then also. We were able to get Taluca Turkey legs on 2 totally diff. places. They aren't on the list anymore. There weren't any lists at all that I was aware of at last trip. I don't know what's changed and what hasn't on the QS/TS credits. My question wasn't because I am "confused"...Disney is ever's getting close to time and just need to know what's what now ;)
  4. TDC Nala

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    Jun 22, 2001
    Sorry...but there isn't anyplace to find what it is you want to see. For the items you are mentioning (specialty beverages, snacks, etc), each restaurant or store (for snacks) has a different policy. It's going to depend on the restaurant and sometimes even who you ask.

    The Confirmed Snacks sticky thread will show you items that other DIS readers have been able to get for snack credits. This does not mean these items will always be offered for snack credits or will be offered in every location. As noted you cannot get a turkey leg for a snack credit, but there are places in every park where you can get them for a CS credit (accompanied by a drink and a dessert, or bag of chips since there's at least one of these places that doesn't have desserts).

    If you haven't been since before 2008, now you cannot use snack credits for anything considered a multiple serving (family size bag of chips, box of doughnuts, etc).

    Appetizers are NOT included in the regular dining plan for guests 10 and older except under certain circumstances. Some restaurants (not all) have three-course fixed price menus. The Fantasmic package or the CP package will include an appetizer. Family-style or fixed menu restaurants include the same menu for everyone.
  5. LJSquishy

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    Sep 12, 2011
    If you are specifically referring to TS and CS restaurants on the standard DDP, it goes as follows (in 2012):

    Breakfast: 1 entree , 1 non-alcoholic beverage
    Lunch: 1 entree , 1 non-alcoholic beverage , 1 dessert
    Dinner: 1 entree , 1 non-alcoholic beverage , 1 dessert

    The non-alcoholic beverages that are eligible are the "basic" beverages, such as soda, lemonade, tea, milk. Smoothies, milkshakes, or other specialty non-alcoholic beverages are NOT included 99% of the time. One exception seems to be at Sci-Fi Drive-In (CS meal), where people have reported you can get a milkshake as your beverage.

    Fixed Price menus, which allow you your choice of listed appetizer, entree, dessert, and beverage are part of the TS credit allowance since it is a package deal. You just select from the list what you want.

    There are no special menus for those on the DDP, you just order what you want as long as it falls into the categories above (1 entree, 1 beverage, & 1 dessert). This goes for both TS and CS restaurants. It sounds like you already know which TS restaurants are 1 credit and which ones are 2 credits. If you just want to see the menus at each restaurant, you can look at most of them on Disney's website, or on, or on (which is the one I prefer, it seems like it's updated way more often). I end up using a combination of all three to look at menus. ;)

    I hope this helps! :)

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