Starting to think about buying direct Polynesian vs DLT


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Oct 25, 2015
Backgroud: I bought 50 points resale Polynesian this year with intent to visit Poly every 2-3 years. I live close to Disneyland and love VGC, but couldn't afford a contract at today's prices. Been thinking I'd buy points at DLT, but with speculation about pricing, having second thoughts.

I visit Disneyland often. My 50 poly points have gone to 2 different one night bookings at VGC this year and I've rented a reservation from a VGC owner. I also have a couple DLH hotel stays - this is all in about a 7 month period. That's just to give an idea of how much I go to Disneyland. I can travel anytime and prefer one or two night stays.

Starting to think that I should just buy more Polynesian. If I can pick up random nights for VGC, those points go FAST. I don't have enough to do that and to bank/borrow for Poly. There are always resale contracts for other resorts, but I don't want to buy those because I don't want to stay at those resorts. I don't know how much Poly direct is, but thinking it will match my current UY and I might be able to use those for DLT when it opens. Any idea how much Poly direct is? Does buying direct let people book at Riviera? I don't plan to stay at Riviera, but anticipating DLT will be the same.


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Jan 21, 2020
The mathematical solution is to rent VGC points, but that is very difficult to do.

If money is tight, I don't really see the appeal of DVC in general at Disneyland when there are so many awesome offsite choices. I can see how people would want to splurge for Grand Californian now and then, and it sounds like you're already doing that. I wouldn't make things financially tight for such small benefit. I'd just stay off-site, and not be stuck on some random Tuesday that was all you could get.

If I were buying direct for DLT, I'd seriously consider RIV and I'd look at the usual suspects: AKL, OKW, SSR. We don't know the booking patterns for DLT. I consider this a very risky plan when DLT's booking is not known, as well as VGC's after DLT. It's possible DLT takes some heat off of VGC and 7 months becomes slightly easier. I think everyone will agree DLT and VGC will remain very difficult to book without home resort advantage.


Mar 28, 2015
u can use SSR points at VGC if it is within 7 months and u won't pay as much for them. You are an absolute candidate for add-on-idos, that prob won't stop until your at 400 pts. See u in the ROFR thread.

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Jan 14, 2012
If you want to use points at DL, I wouldn't be buying a WDW resort. Sure, you can get the odd night at 7 months but it's very inconsistent. I would either take time to save a bit more for VGC or wait for the DLT. That way you have more flexibility and can be assured that your points will guarantee what you want.

Poly direct is $250 pp. A VGC resale will cost approx $300 pp for 50 points, or $2500 more than Poly direct. Buying direct will allow you to use those points at Riviera and DLT. Buying a resale VGC or direct DLT will ensure you DL booking at 11 months. Poly will ensure you Poly.
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Jul 22, 2011
Are you happy booking a night here and there when they pop up? Because it seems that marries well with your preference or short stays. Because if that's the case, with the DLT opening ti should become easier to get something here and there. And being mostly studios, there's a chance to be able to book at 7 months outside the highest demand times. In that case I would buy a cheaper resort at WDW to use the points at DL and keep the Poly 50 points for the Poly only.