Social Studies help, pleaseeeeeeeeee


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Jul 8, 2003
My son has QODs (Question of the Day) and we are having trouble finding the answer to this question, can anyone help?

Which side of the coast mountain of British Columbia is the day side?

Thank you for your help!
well, I'm just guessing but I would say the south side would be called the day side. since that would be the side that would receive the sun, the north side would be mostly in the shade. But I don't know for sure.
Well, I don't really have an answer for you, but I wanted to lend my support. I did a Google search and the Coast mountains are actually a range of mountains. As for which side is the "day" side, I would say the Eastern side, because it gets light on that side first. I have a feeling this question:

a) has some sort of typo that the teacher didn't catch, and none of your DS classmates will have an answer either and the whole class will have a good laugh, or,

b) has a rediculously easy answer and we're all just over thinking it.

I just got my teaching cred. in social studies and when I was student teaching it was a little frightening just how often both of the above scenarios happened to me. When you do find the answer let me know. I'm dying to find out!!!

My son, does have a bad habit of not writing down exactly what is on the board, I've tried a few different searchs and can't come up with anything similar. Usually when I type a question in Ask Jeeves, the exact question will come up, but not this time, not the answers mind you, just the questions, so usually when he messes up the questions I can figure them out somehow, or I can get close.

I will post the correct question and answer tomorrow!

Thanks for your help!
Which side of the coast mountain of British Columbia is the day side?

Could the question be DRY side and not DAY side?
I know my son had a weekly thing they did last year. Everyday a set of clues was sent home. Well once the wrong clues came home and we had an awful time figuring out the answer.
If you have a classmates phone number maybe you call and ask what question they copied down:)
I just had a thought!!! Could the question have been which side of the Cosat Mountains is the LEE side? That make a bit more sense. Although I've generally heard the term used in reference to islands and not mountains.

Buzzlady, I think that is it, I found information on the dry side, so that is what we are going to use! Gosh, I feel so stuipd, I can usually figure his mistakes out, that one slipped right by me!

I knew I could count on the Dis board for help!

Thank you again!
Your welcome. I have a DS11 and DS7. We have had MANY of homework mysteries to work out. I think it's always easier if it's someone elses. ::yes::


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