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    Jul 13, 2006
    We are sailing on the Fantasy leaving May 18th. I paid our cruise off a week ago. We have a gty 9D stateroom. Does anyone know when we will get our room assignment? I'm asking because we are leaving May 4th for WDW so if they send the cabin assignment to our house after May 4th we won't be home to get it. Also, will we get a category 9D room or is there a possibility for an upgrade? Thanks in advance!!
  2. barbarasc

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    one of our cabins is a 5E-GTY for this same cruise and no assignment yet. Mostly likely not until the 50 prior mark or if I had to guess (from past experience). Upgrades are always possible :-)
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    Generally, regular GTY rooms are assigned about 30-45 days out. When they make the assignment, you won't be notified. It's up to you to keep checking your reservation, if you want to know your room number before getting to the ship.

    With a 9D GTY, you will most likely get a 9D room. However, DCL can give you a higher category, if they don't have a 9D to give you. Upgrades don't happen as often as they appear to here.

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