Renting Points For BCV - April 2008


Earning My Ears
Jun 20, 2007
Hello Everyone,

Just registered on the DIS but have been 'lurking' for some time.

We have been researching the DVC for a little while now (since our last trip to Orlando in December last year when we did the tour) and feel that, although we think it would be ideal for our family, that we would like to 'try before we buy'.

Our next trip is pencilled in for April 2008 and we would like to spend most of the time at a DVC resort - namely the BCV. We 'discovered' this area on our last trip and were quite taken by the resort - the theming, the atmosphere, great location for Epcot, MGM, lots of restaurant choices nearby and Stormalong Bay!

I get the impression from reading these boards that availability for the BCV is limited due to the relatively small size (compared to SSR, OKW) and popularity. I am aware that if we do decide that BCV is for us then we will probably need to look at buying resale.

However, to the point of this post (finally I hear you say!) - due to school holidays, the flights in April next year are filling up quickly and we need to make a decision soon. Can anyone give any advice on the chances of renting points for a 1 bedroom villa at BCV from, say, 7th - 17th April 2008 before we get to the 7 month window? Might it be difficult due to Spring Break?

I don't want to post a request on the renting board and 'mess any owners about' if we can't subsequently get flights. Alternatively, if the chances are slim or non-existent we may look at going at a different time.

Thank you in advance for any help and advice.
Have you checked flight availibility yet? We've gone first two weeks of April for a few years now and it's busy. BCV may be difficult to get into. Have you considered Beach Club Inn as an alternative?

As a potential owner, I think it's pretty impossible to guess your chances of getting the accommodation you want at the time you want, but I think it fair to say you would stand a chance of getting some DVC accommodation somewhere, and you could always go on the wait list for BCV.

As a potential renter, I would suggest you try to rent the points on the basis of needing BCV at the time you want - if those requirements can't be met then there's no deal. The onus would be on the points owner to check the availability for you on that basis. If there was no availability, then you could either change resort (if there was another one available) or change dates if the points owner could suggest an alternative. But I understand what you're saying about committing yourself to flights, etc! ...

BCV is, as you say, one of the smallest resorts. Logistically this makes it harder to book than OKW and SSR which both have many more rooms available. However, the nature of DVC being the ability to switch in and out of your home resort makes it difficult to guess how many rooms might become available at the smaller resorts once the 7 month window opens up all resorts to all DVCers :confused:

Good luck with whatever you decide! :thumbsup2
I know you have your heart set on BCV but you may want to try for BWV as well, which is only across the lagoon from BCV and has more accomodation.

It is just as close to MGM & Epcot and all the restaurants, but unfortunately you won't be able to use stormalong bay.

After staying at BWV for our first two trips, I took the plunge and purchased DVC there. The Epcot area is a wonderful area to stay. It's within walking or boating distance to two parks and midway between the other two. Also close to the water parks and miniature golf. You can rent points from a DVC owner on the rent board here on DIS. The studio units are the most popular and tend to book early. It's a little easier to get a 1-bedroom. You will need to book early though. As the other posters have said, BCV are limited as to the number of rooms available. It is also one of the most popular of the DVC. Stormalong Bay is a big draw here. It is the best DVC pool IMO. You should definitely start booking things now though, especially if it's spring break when you plan to travel. You won't regret staying at either BCV or BWV. They are both great resorts. Good luck. Ed
Thank you everyone for your helpful replies, I really appreciate it. :thumbsup2

We have decided to go for April during the school holidays and booked our flights a few days ago. We're planning on staying for the first few nights in a Magic Kingdom area resort and I am going to post a reservation request for the BCV on the rent/trade board for the remainder and take it from there.

It looks as though the BWV might be a nice alternative if we can't get fixed up at the BCV. To be honest, I am convinced we would have a fabulous time at any of the DVC resorts. In fact, the more I look into it, the more I think we should join now and travel next April as owners rather than as renters! Decisions, decisions :confused3


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