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Nov 12, 2009
Hello creative people!

I will be bringing 100% cotton fabric squares for the characters to sign on my next trip. I will be *attempting* to make a quilt when I return. I'm a total beginner, but am keeping a simple square block quilt design. My question is for anyone who has had Lady and the Tramp stamp their autographs on cotton fabric. Is the ink permanent?
I have also read that even with permanent ink I am best to dry iron the signature squares when I get home to set them. Do I iron on top of the signature side, or from the back? I may have freezer paper ironed onto the back (if I can find it). Any help is appreciated :)


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Jul 8, 2017
Hi there! That is SUCH a GREAT idea!!! Much better than the typical autograph books! Having all on one t-shirt could be cool too.I am a papercrafter and very familiar with permanent dye and pigment inks... I am also begining to venture into the world of fabric sewing - I currently do some sewing on my paper projects. I know there are products out there that are specifically for making markings on fabric permanent. There are several each with their own supplies and techniques. I have seen some that can copy photos onto a piece of fabric for projects like this so you could put your photo next to the autograph on the quilt!!! I would go to a store like JoAnn's and speak with an associate who REALLY knows the products and decide on which one will work best for your project BEFORE you go. That way if there IS a special fabric, pen or material you need to use or you need to pre-treat the fabric you can be sure to do so before you go. Then you'll be all prepared when you get to meet all the amazing characters and you can focus on the experience and not if a crafting project you will be doing later will work with what they are using so "sign" things...
Good Luck & HAVE A BLAST!!!


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