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Jan 29, 2004
We will be staying off-site for 2 weeks and we may be going to the parks practically every day. So I have 2 questions:

1) Does anyone know whether WDW sells any type of parking permit other than the daily pass?

2) Is there are certain time in the evening when the toll booths close for the day?

You may want to think about an annual pass, you get free parking with it.
The toll booths close when the parks close. If you have an annual pass, you get to park for free, except for special events.
I notice that you said that you're going to visit for 2 weeks and that you'll be going to the parks practically every day. If you buy an Annual Pass it includes parking at all the theme parks. A seven day park hopper is $336 and an Annual pass is $403....if you actually visit the parks for 14 days it would be well worth the difference. Plus, park hoppers for 14 days would cost you a fortune.

We actually bought some passes that offer us unlimited use of just about everything at WDW for our 2-weeks and these were much more economical than APs or PAPs (to which they are more comparable). Even if we have to spend around $100 on parking over the whole period, it will still save us money as we don't have immediate plans to return to WDW within the next year. I was hoping there might be some sort of week-long parking permit.
I don't know of any weekly permit that Disney sells....sorry. But I've also never heard of a pass that offers unlimited use of Disney parks for two weeks for less than the price of an Annual Pass. I know that there are some good deals offered in other countries to entice foreigners to visit, but I know of no such pass sold in this country. Good for you though...sounds like you've gotten a good deal.

The toll booths close before the parks do. Tonight at MGM when we went through about 6 PM they were closed. Then we went to Epcot and they were closed around 7.
(From time to time there are promotional pass offerings that may in the short run outdo an Annual pass, most have expiration dates. I once saw on the Internet a "20 day park hopper including Disney Quest". These passes are not sold at the ticket booths.)

I have driven to parks (Epcot, MGM) in the evening and found the toll booths closed. I simply drove on through. Don't know exactly when the booths closed down, the timing could be random.

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