Our re-rescheduled Honeymoon was practically perfect in every way! (6/5-6/11)


Mar 4, 2020
We originally had a honeymoon booked for May of 2020, which for obvious reasons fell through, We optimistically rescheduled for July of 2020, which also obviously did not happen. In the end, we canceled and got a refund for everything. In the mean time, we bought a house and lots of life has happened, but we finally decided to rebook our trip for June of 2022! After months of planning and researching, the trip finally happened last week!!

All in all, we had an absolutely INCREDIBLE honeymoon at WDW! The service was outstanding and friendly, we were made to feel special many times, and we got to ride/see basically everything that we wanted to! We also managed to dodge every single rainshower by pure luck, until Friday when we got drenched! We were incredibly tired and our feet wanted to secede from our legs by the end, but it was truly an unforgettable trip.

Buckle in, this is a long one - I took really detailed notes on my phone! 😅😅

We live north of Dallas, TX, and we decided to save money by driving. On Saturday, we got up crazy early and hit the road, driving from Dallas to Tallahassee, FL (~13 hrs), which was mostly uneventful, we switched drivers every 3ish hours. We finally got to Tallahassee around 10pm and went straight to our room and zonked out for the night. It’s kind of surprising how tired we get after long drives, since you’re basically just sitting there for hours and hours.

SUNDAY 6/5 (Arrival, Disney Springs, Trader Sam’s)
On Sunday, we woke up at 5am and got ready. We left the hotel around 5:45am, grabbed some Whataburger, and hit the road around 6:15! We were both crazy excited! We got to Pop Century around 10:30am. As we walked into the lobby, I got the notification that our room was ready! We had already checked in through the MDE app, but we went ahead to the front desk anyway to pick up Happily Ever After buttons (and to pre-pay for parking for the week, per recommendation from our travel agent). We were also informed that there was a package waiting for us, and the CM at the front desk brought it out - it was a really cute charcuterie giftbox from our travel agent! We walked through Everything Pop for some quick merch shopping. We went over and checked out our room quickly, then at 11:15 we went back to the buses to catch a bus to Disney Springs.

Once we were at Disney Springs, we checked out the line for Gideon’s (2hrs 40 minutes!), then grabbed lunch at Morimoto Street Food (Saimin Ramen, Ginger Scallion Chicken Ramen, Chicken Lemongrass Dumplings, Boba Tea). After lunch, we walked over to Swirls on the Water and ordered the Dole Whip Flight. The CM only charged us $5 instead of $6.50 - more pixie dust! All 3 flavors of Dole Whip were amazing, even the spicy Habanero Lime flavor! We then took a bus to the Contemporary so that we could ride the monorail to the Polynesian (Husband REALLY wanted to ride the monorail 😂). At 2pm, we got on the wait list for Trader Sam’s. The CM was really friendly, and let us know that we were part of the first “wave” of people for the day, so we would likely get in very close to opening at 3pm. We killed some time by walking around the beautiful Polynesian resort, checked out their gift shop and got some ears and some lanyards for our pins. Shortly after 3pm we got the text that we could head into Trader Sam’s. We had the Rum Flight, the Uh Oa!, and the Thai Chicken Flatbread, all of which were excellent!

We left around 4:30 and caught a bus to Hollywood Studios so that we could take the Skyliner back to Pop Century. Once we were back at the resort, we had a quick bite to eat at the Pop cafeteria (Chili Dog and Chili in a Bread Bowl). We unloaded the car and took everything up to our room, got ready for bed, and then watched the pre-recorded fireworks (Happily Ever After) on the TV. The audio was out of sync by a full minute, which was weird, but it was still enjoyable!
(14940 Steps, 7.07 miles walked)

MONDAY 6/6 (EPCOT, 8:30am-9pm, EE @8:00)
We woke up earlier than we wanted, at 5am by accident. We had scheduled a wakeup call using the phone in our room, but it never went off for some reason - bummer! We got dressed and went back to sleep until 6am. We got in line for the Skyliner at 6:15 or so, and we wer ethe second group in line. We felt a little silly lining up so early, but about 15-20 minutes later the line was MASSIVE and we didn’t feel quite as silly! The Skyliner started running 5 minutes before 7am. As we were flying to EPCOT, we booked boarding group 6 for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind! I was ECSTATIC! We also booked an 11:35am Genie+ for Frozen Ever After. We got through security and were in the park by 7:30am, and we went right from the IG to get in line for Remy. Early Entry for resort guests technically didn’t start until 8am, but we were on and off Remy before the clock even hit 8am!

We crossed the park to ride Mission Space (figured we should knock it out before breakfast!), and our Boarding Group was called for Guardians while we were walking (8:12am), so we headed for that first. We got to the ride vehicles at 8:22am, and were off by 8:32am. We got Disco Inferno as our song! We walked through the adjacent gift shop and browsed for a few minutes, picked out some pins, and did Mobile Checkout. We then headed to Mission Space: Orange, which had a posted 10 minute standby at 8:46am. We were off the ride around 9:10. As an aside, “intense” is no joke! I felt a little woozy after Guardians, and A LOT woozy after Mission Space. Would not recommend riding them back to back if you can help it, especially if you’re at all prone to motion sickness!

We headed back to World Showcase and had some breakfast Arepas from a festival booth, which were pretty good. We hopped on a Friendship boat to cross the Showcase just for fun. We first went through the Mexico pavilion, and Gran Fiesta Tour was a walk-on at 10:14am. We watched Reflections of China (which felt REALLY dated) at 10:45am, and it was finished at 11am. We popped over to the tea booth and ordered a Tipsy Ducks In Love, which was tasty! We returned at 11:30am for our Frozen G+ booking, and the ride was really cute.

We hit up another festival booth for Shrimp and Grits and Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites for lunch, which were both excellent. We booked Seas with Nemo and Friends at 12:15 for 12:20, rode it, and then hung out in the aquarium for a bit. We booked Turtle Talk with Crush for 1:10, and they let us into the preshow area at 1:03. The show started at 1:20, and was really cute and funny! The show finished at 1:35. We then booked Living With The Land for 1:55, grabbed a quick drink, and rode the ride. We booked Figment for 3:10 while we were in line As we were leaving the Land pavilion, Awesome Planet was about to start, so we went in and watched that. We then shopped in Creations for a bit.

Figment went down right before our return time, so we got a redemption pass for it. We booked Spaceship Earth for 3:50, then walked into the Pixar Short Film Festival, which was really cute. Made it over to Spaceship Earth at 4:03. The lightning lane was kind of long, but we were on the ride within 5 minutes or so, and off by 4:25. We booked Soarin for 8:10pm (didn’t end up riding it today, but we knew we’d be back on Friday). We then used our redemption to ride Figment, which had since come back up.

We grabbed a Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade and Seared Scallops as a snack (Both excellent!), then shopped for a while before our Space 220 reservation. We headed over to Space 220, and the experience was so cool! We shared the Short Rib Sliders, and we had a Big Tang and Strawberry Lemonade for drinks. We also ordered the Coconut Panna Cotta, and the server brought us complimentary purple champagne to celebrate our honeymoon! We returned to Earth and strolled back over to World Showcase and picked out a decent spot near Japan Pavilion to watch Harmonious, which we both really enjoyed. Afterward, we headed to the Skyliner at 9:30, and the line was massively backed up. We finally got on at around 9:50, and we were back in our room by around 10:20.
(27861 steps, 13.12 miles walked)

TUESDAY 6/7 (Hollywood Studios, 9am-9pm, EE @8:30)
We got up at 5:30am, got dressed, and went back to bed until 6:15. We headed down to the Skyliner around 6:20, behind ~3 families. We booked Slinky Dog for 9:35 on G+, and purchased Rise of the Resistance at 4pm. We were through security by 7:10am and held at the tapstiles until 7:40. We went straight for Sunset Blvd, and were informed that Tower of Terror was having a delayed opening, so we got in line for Rockn Rollercoaster at 7:44. The line started moving at 7:52, and we were off the ride by 8:02 (The line totally walked past the preshow, which was running, but no one stopped to watch). We ended up sitting in the very front, and it was a blast!! We then went and got in line for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway at 8:10, with a 30min posted wait time. We wnetered the indoor section of the queue at 8:20 and hit the preshow at 8:29, and were off the ride by 8:42. We walked over to Galaxy’s Edge and had breakfast and Ronto Roasters (Ronto wraps were great!). We also grabbed the boozy Coco Puffs Coffee drink from Kat Saka’s Kettle (I know it’s early, but it’s vacation!).

We walked around Toy Story land until 9:35 for our Slinky Dog booking, and were off the ride by 9:43. We walked over to Muppet Vision 3D at 9:57. Tower of Terror came back up and showed an 11:20 time, so I clicked it quickly. It changed for 4:10 on the confirmation page, and then the time we ACTUALLY got was 8:10pm. We then went over to Inidiana Jones for the 10:45 show. They weren’t able to do the airplane scene because fo technical issues. We checked in with guest relations to make sure we could take lightsabers on Tower of Terror, since we had a time booked to build them later in the day, and they confirmed it would be OK. We went over to Baseline Taphouse for lunch at 11:40, and had the Charcuterie Plate, Strawberry Hibiscus Soda, and a Strawberry Lemonade, which again were all excellent.

At 12:10, we got in line for the 12:30 showing of the Frozen Sing-Along. The show was really funny! We headed over to the Mickey Shorts Theater at 1:08, which was showing “Mickey and Minnie Vacation Fun”, and the show was over at 1:20. We got in line for Star Tours at 1:27 with a posted 35min wait. We got off the ride about 2:10. We got some Photopass pictures, then booked Toy Story Mania for 6:15. We hung out for a bit, then went over for our Rise of the Resistance booking. This ride was SO COOL! We hit up Docking Bay 7 for dinner at 4:35, then went over to Oga’s for our reservation at 5:05 and stayed until 5:50. The drinks were great and the atmosphere was neat. Our bartender made us a “special” to-go drink, which seemed to be a combination of a few of the menu drinks. We checked in at Savi’s Workshop at 6:15ish, and then it was our turn to go in at 6:40pm. We got back to Toy Story Mania at 7pm, and the lightning lanew was backed up. We got on the ride at 7:10. We got back to ride Milennium Falcon at 7:40 (I forget when we booked this), and we were off about 8pm. We then headed over to Tower of Terror at 8:13, and were off by 8:34. We shopped for a bit, took some really cool lightsaber pictures, saw the projections/fireworks briefly, then hopped on the Skyliner. We were back to the resort by about 9:40pm.
(23112 steps, 10.89 miles walked)

WEDNESDAY 6/8 (Animal Kingdom, 8am-8pm, EE @7:30)
We got up early and got to the bus line about 5:45am. The bus picked up at 6:20, and we got to security at 6:32. At 7am, we booked Kilimanjaro Safaris for 8:15am. We were held at the tapstiles until 7:05am. We headed left to Pandora, straight to Flight of Passage, and were held on the bridge until 7:25am. We were then guided to FoP by a CM. We got to the link chamber line at 7:37 and we were very near the front of the line! We were off by 7:58. We walked over to Na’vi River Journey, which had a 10min posted wait at 8:05am. It was a walk-on, and we were off by 8:15. We checked into Kilimanjaro Safaris, then booked Everest for 9:45am. We were on the safari at 8:33, and off at 9:02. We popped over to Kusifiri for breakfast sandwiches (these were OK) and a Mickey Cinnamon Roll, then hit up Isle of Java for a Shaken Jamaican. We headed to Everest at 9:50, and were off by 10am. We booked Kali River Rapids for 12:45. We walked over and caught a Kitetails show, which was cute but really short. We walked the Gorilla Falls Trails, and it was HOT out! We started feeling overheated, so we grabbed some sugary frozen drinks from Zuri Sweets. We got in line for the 12pm Celebration of the Festival of the Lion King at 11:20. This show was EXCELLENT! We headed back to Kali at 12:44. The lightning lane was long, and we were off at 1:13pm.

We headed over to Yak and Yeti for our 1:45 lunch reservation. We got there early at 1:23, checked in, and were seated early at 1:28. We had the Ahi Tuna Nachos, which were incredible. We finished lunch around 2:30. We booked Dinosaur for 5:50. We then took the train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch at 2:42 and arrived at 2:50. We got in line and did the 3:30 Animation Experience (We drew Thumper). While we were inside, we apparently completely missed a huge downpour. We caught the train back at 3:56, then went back over to Pandora to do some shopping. We had dinner at Satuli Canteen. At 5:50 we went over for our Dinosaur return time, and at 6:20 we figured we had done pretty much everything, and we headed out. We got back to the resort, did a little bit of laundry, had an artist in the lobby do a caricature of us as a souvenir, and grabbed a little snack in the Pop Cafe, then went to bed early!
(27181 steps, 12.82 miles walked)

THURSDAY 6/9 (Magic Kingdom, 9am-10pm, EE @8:30)
We woke up at 6:30 and got to the buses at 6:45 - there were lots of people already in line! We booked Jungle Cruise for 4pm after we had lots of issues getting the tipboard to load (Everyone in line was having issues). The first bus (extra long accordion bus) came at 7:08. We got to the park at 7:26, but the bus had to wait until 7:30 to enter the bus station. There were only 2 security lines open, and we were held until 7:35. We then entered the tapstile lines and were held until 7:45. We zoomed over to Fantasy Land to try and get on 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. We were held at the bridge by Cheshire Cafe until 8:24, and they announced our honeymoon (and some birthdays) to the whole crowd while we waited. They then let us know that 7DMT was having a delayed opening, so I went ahead and bought the ILL for it for 3:40pm, just in case. Once they let us in, we turned and went toward Tomorrowland to try and hit Space Mountain. At 8:30, it had a posted 20min wait. As we walked under the wait sign, it changed to a 40min wait. We were on the ride vehicle at 8:47 and off at 8:51. We then headed over to Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin at 8:56, which had a posted wait of 20 min. We were on the ride at 9:02, off at 9:08. The Peoplemover was down (Ended up being down ALL DAY) and Astro Orbiter had a 45min wait, so we left Tomorrowland.

We got to Splash Mountain at 9:20 and it had a 20min posted wait. We were on the ride by 9:29, and off at 9:41. We then went over to Haunted Mansion at 9:50, which had a posted wait of 30min, which changed to 50min while we were in line. We got to the Stretching Room at 10:18 and were off the ride at 10:29. We did a quick Photopass outside the mansion, then headed to Friar’s Nook for breakfast at 10:38. We went over to Prince Charming’s Carrousel at 10:55 and it had a 10min posted wait We got on at 11:15 and off by 11:22. We got in line for Mickey’s Philharmagic, which had a posted wait of 25 minutes, but we went right inside and got glasses. We were out of the show at 11:48. We went over to it’s a Small World at 12:07, which had a posted 25min wait. We were on the ride at 12:19 and off by 12:40.

We shopped a bit, then headed over to our lunch reservation at Skipper Canteen. We checked in early at 12:57 for our 1:10 reservation, we were seated at 1:15. We had the Brazilian Cheese Bread appetizer (not on the menu), Char Siu Pork, and Thai Noodles. The portions were ENORMOUS, but we didn’t want to deal with leftovers all day, so we shared and got very overfull. At the end of the meal, the server brought us a miniature volcano dessert to celebrate our honeymoon. We left at 2:08.

We headed over to our Big Thunder Mountain return time at 2:25 (I forget when we booked this), and were off the ride by 2:34. We walked to the Country Bear Jamboree at 2:37 and the next show was in 2 minutes. The show was over at 2:51. We hung out until 3:05 for our return time for Pirates (again, forgot when I actually booked this). The lightning lane was backed up, but we were on the ride about 3:11 and off at 3:22. We went back to 7DMT for our ILL time at 3:35, and it broke down right after we tapped into the lightning lane. We stuck it out in line, and it started running again at 3:48. We got to the ride vehicle at 3:53 and were off at 3:59. We then headed to Jungle Cruise for our 4pm return time. We got caught up by the Festival of Fantasy parade, and we ended up getting a really cool view of the parade going over a bridge. Mickey emphatically pointed at us and made hearts with his hands, and several other characters pointed out our buttons and made us feel very special!

After Jungle Cruise, we hit up Sunshine Tree Terrace for a Citrus Swirl and an I Lava You Float, which were both really good. We got some Photopass pictures, then went over to Monsters Inc Laugh Floor for some A/C at 5:20, with a posted wait of 15 minutes. We entered at 5:28, the show started at 5:35, and we were out at 5:55. We headed over to Astro Orbiter, which had a posted 40min wait at 5:57. We got to the lower holding area at 6:28, and were off the ride at 6:43. While in line (6:00), we booked Mad Tea Party for 6:10. We zoomed over to Gaston’s Tavern before they closed to get Le Fou’s Brew, and made it at 6:46. We then booked
Journey of the Little Mermaid for 8:15. We tapped into Tea Party at 7:07 and were off at 7:16.

We went over to Columbia Harbour House for dinner at 7:27, and mobile ordered as we walked. It was ready when we arrived! After dinner, we went to the Enchanted Tiki Room at 7:52, and it was two minutes before the next show. The show was over at 8:08. We started to head to Mermaid for our return time, but it went down on the way and we got a redemption pass. We decided to use the pass to ride Big Thunder Mountain again instead. We got there at 8:22, the line was longish, but we got to the front of the line at 8:33. The CM asked if we wanted to ride in the back row, and he sent us over there. Ride was done by 8:41. At some point we booked Peter Pan’s Flight for 9:20.

We headed to Main Street to grab a fireworks spot, and it was PACKED. A massive sea of people, and it was SO HOT AND STUFFY! We made our way through the crowd and ended up with a great spot just left of center, and not too far back! We watched the show, then went back over to Peter Pan. The ride was stopping and starting, and they weren’t letting anyone on. They finally started loading people again at 9:57. We got on the ride at 10:01, off at 10:05. We headed to the bus at 10:25 and were back to the resort by 10:45.
(25360 steps, 12.06 miles walked)

FRIDAY 6/10 (EPCOT again, 8:30am-9pm, EE @8:00)
Since this was our second day at EPCOT, we wanted to take things a bit slower. Our feet were also REALLY sore by this point in the trip! We slept in until about 6:45, then got dressed. At 7am, we booked Boarding Group 13 for Guardians! We also booked Test Track for 5pm, then cancelled and rebooked for 2:40pm when the better time popped up. We mobile ordered breakfast from the Pop cafe (had to make sure to get Mickey Waffles at some point!), and went over to pick it up at 7:45. The Skyliner was down for some unspecified reason, so we went to the bus at 8:10. Our Guardians boarding group was called at 8:15. The buses were coming quickly, and we were dropped off at the park at 8:34 and were through security by 8:45. We headed straight over to Guardians at 8:50, hit the preshow at 8:56, and were off the ride by 9:19. We got “One Way or Another” this time! We then went over to Mission Space: Green at 9:24 which had a posted 5 minute wait. We got to the preshow at 9:29 and were off by 9:45. We did some Photopass pics outside of Guardians.

We went over to the Mexico pavilion and did some shopping, and then booked Soarin for 11:05. We went to Kringla for some Viking Coffee and Apple Cake, which were great! We returned to Soarin at 11:23, and were off at 11:53. We headed back to the World Showcase at 12:05. At Citrus Blossom, we got Orange-Lemon Smoothies, which were EXCELLENT. We got to Canada Far and Wide at 12:18, with a 10 minute posted wait. The show was over at 12:40. We grabbed a BLT scone from a festival booth. We then went over to Les Halles at 1:05 for a light lunch. We also grabbed Frushi on our way through the Japan pavilion at 1:45. We shopped around for a bit, then visited Karmel Kuche for some caramel popcorn. We finished a loop around World Showcase, then popped back over to Mexico for margaritas. At 2:20, Test Track went down while we were in line, and we got a redemption pass. We were going to just leave the park, but it came back up really quickly. We boarded at 3:07 and exited at 3:26 and it was absolutely POURING torrential rain. We booked it back to the buses, getting completely soaked through our ponchos (even our caramel popcorn got wet 😭). We got back to the resort quickly, dried off and changed clothes, and hung out until 6pm. We then took a bus to the Magic Kingdom and took the monorail over to the Contemporary for our California Grill reservation. We browsed the gift shops and the arcade, then checked in for our reservation. They seated us a bit after our reservation time, which was fine with us since we wanted our dinner to overlap the fireworks at MK. Our table was one away from the windows, with an incredible view Our server was amazing and made us feel very special, and brought us a special champagne toast as we were seated. He also offered to take some pics of us toasting with my phone! Toward the end of the meal, before dessert, the server suggested that he could wait a while and bring dessert after the fireworks, which we agreed to. It was a truly wonderful meal. We got back on the monorail at 10:10, and were in bed by 11pm.
(22667 steps, 10.68 miles walked)

SATURDAY 6/11 (Departure + Disney Springs)
We got up at 7 and packed up the car. We checked out, then drove over to Disney Springs at 10am, and immediately went over to Gideon’s. We waited in line for about 30 minutes before we were able to get our cookies. We checked in for our 10:45 brunch reservation at Homecomin at 10:35, and got the text to go inside at 10:52. We were seated shortly after 11am. We had a nice, long brunch with excellent service. We left at 12:30. We did a tiny bit more shopping, then left about 1:30 to begin driving home.
(11264 steps, 5.34 miles walked)


DIS Veteran
Feb 15, 2021
Wow - you really used Genie+ to your advantage! Seems like you were able to book a lot of rides.

We just booked our honeymoon for September 2023 - hoping it's as magical as yours was!


Earning My Ears
Apr 20, 2022
WOW! My feet hurt just reading this! :laughing:

But in all seriousness, GREAT work! You got a lot done, and really worked G+ to your advantage. Kudos! Great report, thanks for sharing :)


I was a click-clack champ!!
May 16, 2006
So glad you were able to get your wonderful honeymoon after all! We honeymooned at Disney a long tome ago, and loved it as well.


Earning My Ears
Jul 4, 2016
What a fun trip! You rocked that Genie for sure. Thank you for taking us all on your honeymoon. 😁


Earning My Ears
Feb 14, 2020
Geez. Did you lose weight after walking almost a half marathon every day? It sounds like you packed every second full of fun. More than the walking, what I noticed was how little sleep you got over the course of the trip. You two are truly park commandos.


Mar 4, 2020
Thank you guys for all the compliments! We really enjoyed this trip! We were exhausted every single night, and we were making good use of moleskin padding by day 3, but it really was incredible. Next time we go, we'll take it easier for sure :D