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  1. dferri

    dferri Earning My Ears

    Jan 14, 2008
    Thought it might be interesting to know profile of families obsessed with WDW
  2. mommy-on-the-move

    mommy-on-the-move DIS Veteran

    Jan 14, 2008
    Profile meaning basic run down of family make up?

    I'm not sure you could call us obsessed as this is our first trip as a family but we are obsessed with the planning!

    We're a family of 6- me, dh, and our 4 kids who are 10, 5, 4 and 1. We're in the UK. I'm a SAHM and dh works in a factory as a forklift truck driver. I visited disney as a kid in 1985 (came from a mom, dad & 2 kids family) where as DH never did, although he did visit florida on a big-brother, surrogate dad/uncle type program (he comes from a single mom & 3 kids set up)

    Our reason for visiting- my sister is going to be a Disney bride and as she's my only sister i couldn't imagine not being there.

    We have ambitions of visiting again when the younger 3 are older
  3. mom2girlsn1boy

    mom2girlsn1boy Mouseketeer

    Feb 29, 2008
    I wouldn't say all my family is obsessed, but I am here's my family
    Me,Shonda, Dh-Leland, DD-Liberty 4(will be 5 when we go to WDW), DD-Teyla 2(celebrating her birthday, she'll turn 3 the week we leave) and DS-Landon 1(will be 20 months when we go)

    I have always loved Disney, went to DW when I was a child a couple of times.
    Dh and I had a Disney themed wedding
    here's a couple pics
    Our Honeymoon we spent at Disney and had a wonderful trip and was dotted on a lot by all the cm's.
    Dh and I went two more times to Disney World before we had our kiddos the last time we went kidless was in 2002, it was the first time we ever went to a MNSSHP, I was pg with our first DD
    In 2004 we went to DL our DD was 18 months and she instantly became a Disney fan, she loved all the Princesses and the only character she wouldn't talk to was the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.
    She still remembers that trip and talks about it, she loves her some Disney. lol
    We had planned on taking our 2nd DD to WDW when she was 18 months, since her sister got to go to DL, but a little surprise happened, we were pg with our 3rd, and had to think about buying a new house and a van, there was no room in the budget, so I decided then that we would go for her Birthday when her brother was 20 months, that way he would get to go around the 18 mark and since Teyla didn't get to go at that age celebrating her Birthday would be a special thing for her. She loves all the Disney Princesses and can't wait to meet them, Landon loves watching Mickey Mouse club house. Dh enjoys himself when we gmet to Disney, but thinks I'm crazy for planning so far in advanced, he indulges me though.
    We will be going in Oct. everywhere we go my to girls excitedly tell strangers that we will be going to WDW in Oct. and starts telling them all about our plans. I think I have trained them well. lol

    TDISFAMILY Mouseketeer

    Feb 17, 2008
    Hi my name is Brandy and I am a Disney-holic. I recently became really into Disney after our last trip in September. I always loved Disney as a child but didn't get to go as often as all my friends. When we did go it was always on a tight budget staying off property and bringing our own sandwichs. Never did we eat on property only a Mickey Bar or snack here or there. Well by staying on property and on the dining plan our last trip this really opened my eyes to disney on a whole new level. Not to mention this was my 2yr old's 1st trip and my husband's 2nd. Seeing my 2 yr old interact with the character the way he did was a total surprise.This made me fall in love with disney all over again.:love: Now I am (according to my husband) addicted to Dis boards he doesn't understand what I can possibly be reading every day to plan for our next trip in December.:confused3 Maybe our next trip I will give up control and let him plan our next Disney vacation all by himself:lmao:
  5. PrincessRora

    PrincessRora Mouseketeer

    Apr 11, 2008
    Our whole family isn't, but my adopted sister and I are (we can't tell if the 1.5 year old is although all she watches is playhouse disney so probably). We both went to Disney multiple times as kids with our parents. Her family did more staying on property and character meals, while mine usually stays off property and has few meals in the parks at at resorts. Both ways suit me just fine though. This trip with be the little one's first trip to disney and we're hoping to get her just as excited as we are. We're attempting to teach her to say "Mickey Mouse" (or at least Mouse) and "Pooh" before we leave.

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