Mythos reservations & little kids?


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Apr 30, 2001
Hi everyone!

I have never been to Mythos but I'm thinking about eating there in early April during our trip. We'll have tickets to the park that day (Friday). Is it kid-friendly? Do they have a child's menu? My son won't hardly eat anything but chicken and pizza. Is it better at lunch or dinner? And does anyone have the number to call?

Thanks so much. Have a great day!
Mythos is very kid friendly and htey are developing a new kids menu. Look for a post by secondcook the title metions kids in it. He gives some details about the new menu. They usually close early and are not opened for dinner. We have never needed a reservation. I don't have the phone number and since search isn't working hopefully someone will post it soon
I would not miss going to Mythos, we have 3 children, 8, 7, and 5 they all love it, and you will too.
Now i recently had a problem with these numbers but here they are: 407-224-3463, or 407-224-4400. fax 407-224-4329

We've had very good experiences at Mythos with our kids. The wait staff is terrific. One of my kids had the pasta and it could have fed both of them.
Thanks everyone for the replies! I found that post by secondcook and it does sound great. I'm glad to hear you all had good experiences there, and thanks for the phone numbers too.

I can't hardly wait - I'm more excited than anyone in the family!


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