Mission Space is ready to Hire

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by JacksBack!!, Apr 13, 2003.

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    Aug 20, 2001
    Hey its me Jack the pumpkin king, the king of Halloween. And I have some info from the Eyes and Ears. Mission Space is gearing up to open up and is looking for a few brave men and women to join the crew. Internal interviews from disney cast members as already taken place and the Casting center is gearing up to let externals to start interviewing. Cast members had a chance to interview about the ride on April 7th through April 12th. My room mate went to the interview and he told me the project was tight liped and they did not really tell him or show him anything. He said he saw a picture of the cue and it looked great. He said they will also have one of those moon walker things in the que. He was told astronaughts have already rode the ride and said it felt as close as it can get to really going to outer space. Its 90% close to the real thing. He also said that the uniforms look really good. They kind of look like jumper suits made out of a silky material. He said its going to take new hires a week of training to get everything down. And they will train for a week before the first guest is allowed to blast off. He from the interview that mission space is looking at an August opening. Which is far away, but hopefully the soft opening will be sometime in July. But if your interested in a job on the opening team of Mission Space visit the casting center in the upcomming weeks.

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