lodging and cooperstown, ny


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Nov 2, 1999
any lodging/accomidation suggestions?

thanks! :flower:


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Oct 20, 2004
we stayed at the hotel owned by Mickey Mantle's family - the hotel is above a store called Mickey's Place - they have a website at http://www.mickeysplace.com/ - it's right on mainstreet a block from the baseball hall of fame

also expensive but really, really nice is the otsega hotel - it also has a website at http://www.otesaga.com. The Green Apple Inn is a nice b&b - at both of these places you would have to drive to main street cooperstown


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May 31, 2000
I can't remember what hotel we stayed when we went there, but it wasn't that close. We couldn't seem to find anything real close to Cooperstown. My kids didn't like the hotel, it might have been a Holiday Inn?? and it was more like a "business" type hotel. I know I didn't help you at all and I'm sorry, but at least I'll bump this up so maybe someone else can. The only real thing I actually do remember is again, that we had trouble finding something.

Good Luck! The baseball hall of fame was nice, hubby and DS really enjoyed it.

Have Fun!!!

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