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    I just went to Disneyland for one day only. My inlaws had never been before and they were flying in last week so we got to go on a Monday May 7th. I have never been on a Monday and boy was it nice. Major advantages: short, short SHORT lines and minimal crowding for events. We only really had to wait on Splash Mountain and Pirates. Most rides were less than 10 minutes waiting. We didn't do early entry, and it seemed unnecessary this day. Normally I like going to ee, but we weren't staying on site or buying flexpasses. Downfalls of a Monday: no fantastmic, fireworks or late night activities : ( Since I had to drive my hubby to the airport anyway at 9pm it worked out perfectly for us.

    It's a long story, but... we stayed at the Anaheim Marriott for 2 nights. Bid with priceline and after tax worked out to be $42 a night, but then added $12 per night for parking and $3 for the energy tax. Still very pleased. It was the most luxurious Marriott we've seen in a while. The bedding was like smooth silk and I am inspired to get a new comforter from this trip. We also went to the Hilton Suites Anaheim/Oragne which supposedly is one mile aways but seemed much further. Also, got this on Priceline, but only for $38 a night with tax. no parking fee, regular $3 for evnergy though. Not nearly as nice as the Marriott. The Marriott had a beautiful pool and jacuzzi, the Hilton had a dinky pool in comparision and a jacuzzi that never seemed to be the right temperature. Hilton didn't have an outdoor area to sunbathe either. Marriott's was in the center of the hotel, but was partially inside and out with a nice koi pond, etc. Overall, I would stay at either again, but if I had a choice I would pick the Marriott and be willing to pay a bit extra for it as well.

    Tickets were confusing, Packages seemed different with each person I talked to. They had a discount package, I think for So Cal people only, but even that was unclear for $79 to do one day in each park. This was an unadvertised speical, and can only be bought at the parks. There was also a 3 and 4 day pass where the days don't expire for a year. No park hopping allowed on this one, but if you were going back it semeed a good deal. Bottom line: unless you get good tickets at work, ask aobut the ticket deals when you get there. It was with an information booth instead of the main ticket counters. As for hopping, I guess you can hop only if you were at certain hotels, but I overheard several people on the Marriott bus saying they park hoppped, but I don't know how. Others said they were ineligible... Who knows!

    Compared to DW this park is different and I hadn't thought much about it until this trip. Loved Indiana Jones and wished Buzz Lightyear was in DL. The Tiki room had the traditional tiki birds instead of Jaffar signing. Liked that a lot!!!

    Also, many people are eligible to get discount tickets if they work for Kaiser or are a teacher. I had to call a place in So Cal for them. They charged 33.50 for the tix, but added a $2 charge for processing. Worked out to be $35.50 for each ticket and is not good on Sat or after mid June. After then they renegotiatite ticket prices.

    If you want to save a bit of money, you could easily spend an evening hanging out in Downtown Disney and looking at the hotels. I went one night and hung out there and then watched the fireworks as well. Gorgeous!!! You couldn't hear the music from inside, but it was better than nothing.

    We are supposed to go down again in a month or two and hopefully we'll hit CA then.

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    Great quickie report!!! Short but sweet--and well-detailed. Enjoyed your Priceline/Marriott tips as well! :cool:
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    [​IMG] <font face="Comic Sans MS"><font color=#006400>I love these reports. I always learn a little bit more.

    Thank you! :sunny:
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    Thanks for the information!

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