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Discussion in 'Community Board' started by Tiggeroo, Sep 5, 2012.

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    Sep 16, 1999
    I recently obtained my teaching cert. I have been job searching in a bad market. How can I expand my job search to states that aren't drivable? I can't spend thousands of dollars on air fare. Most places I have interviewed have a multiple interview process. Has anybody on here conducted a multi-state job search? Is there an easy way to manage it? In my dh's profession he can have a phone interview and even a skype interview. He would stand a chance of getting hired without an in person interview.
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    I have done this consistently since I was laid off eight years ago. (I've worked since then, just always looking for something "better". Start with googling teacher jobs and the state you're interested in. Some are MUCH easier than others (WI, for example, has an excellent, easy to use website).

    When I've applied out of state, and been called about a position, I have always been offered a phone interview for the first interview. Twice I was offered a second interview that I then had to fly to that state to do. Both times, the interviewing committee was VERY kind about answering questions ahead of time, so I would know whether or not it was worth my while to spend the time and $$ to go.

    My best suggestion would be to spend TONS of time researching online the school district that you're applying to, how the state teacher system is set up, and the area itself (citydata dot com is an excellent source).

    Some states expect applicants from far away, and are easy to deal with (FL, TX, AZ, NV, etc), but some states will be surprised that you're willing to apply from so far away.

    Good luck!


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