IOA in JP3!


Earning My Ears
May 22, 2000

Check out this news bit from Ingennet:

In an IOA Press Release Map it said that some of the attractions of the Jurassic Park area would be used for a scene in JP3. However, it seems that never happened. But look what was sent to us yesterday, and confirmed by our IOA source this morning!
"You know there was something at least. In early Febuary, Camp Jurassic and Triceratops Encounter were closed to public around 4pm (it was a now-crowd day anyways), it said maintenance, but there were huge floodlights installed and all the trashcans and ropes were brought out of the area before. I was talking to someone who felt very important [...], he said that they were doing some shots with rain, mainly in the Trike waiting line. He said that usually they would make a big deal out of every filming activity here in Florida, but this time the shoot was not planned and there was no time for banners and all. Anyways he said there are no actors involved, and the Park was running slow today, so no big deal. He was wearing a Jurassic 3 hat! When I was leaving around 9, the floodlights where still active. The next morning, however, everything had turned back to normal."
So, there we have it. They actually filmed in IOA! Our source confirmed that this production was listed under:
"Jurassic Park 3 54/6 II"
OK! We came to the conclusion that this scene might be for the Trailer, but well, that's just a thought. Anyone been there on that date?

Very cool...
Funny that this is the same time that they were shooting the commercial (Theme park Squared) where they would also take out trash cans and queque ropes...hmmmm-


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