IOA - 15th april 2001


Earning My Ears
Jan 5, 2001
This will be our first full day in Orlando and we were planning to hit IOA on this day.

Is this a good day to go there?

What would be the best day to go and do Universal? - we are in Orlando for 2 weeks 14-28 april.
The best days to visit any of the theme parks is during the week. We have annual passes for all the theme parks in Orlando and whenever we have a break we go on Tuesday or Wednesday. Sunday is slow too. These days are usually travel days. So pick any day during the week to experience the theme parks. Also a hint for you, If you have never been to IOA, visit Spiderman FIRST!!! It gets crowed and stays crowded. The coasters seem to never really have a huge line so you can do these whenever, but Spiderman and the water rides get crowded early. Have a great time!

Better to spend Income Tax day in Orlando having fun rather than watching news reports of people hitting the panic button to get income taxes done by midnight.

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