If I don't get magic your way tickets can I still get the DDP

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by Lynn5700, May 21, 2007.

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    Feb 2, 2007
    Hi. We are going to Disney for a long weekend in September,a Saturday to Monday. We are just going for a weekend because we are having or Disney wedding planning session that Monday and we already took our weeks vacation 2 weeks ago(I miss Disney:sad1: )

    So we are only getting a one day ticket to the parks so are you aloud to purchase the dining plan or do you have to buy it with a package?

    Also if you are a DVC member can you buy the DDP?
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    From the Dining Plan FAQ for this forum:
    There is a lot of great information in the FAQ that you may want to know about as you're considering or planning on using the Dining Plan. The FAQ can be found here: http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=16079998
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    A one day, one park ticket is still a magic your way ticket--it's just the most basic MYW ticket there is (which is why it's often called a "base" ticket). It's up to you if you want to add any extras, such as extra days, parkhopping, no expiration, water parks, etc.

    I think as long as you have a room and a ticket (even that one day base ticket), it's considered a package and you can book the ddp. The only thing I'm not sure about is the minimum stay requirement--I think it might be 3 nights.

    Good luck!
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    If you end up having to buy a one day ticket for the dining plan, it is a non expire one so you don't have to use it at all during your trip if you don't want to. Anything other than a one day ticket I believe will expire at the end of the stay at the hotel. Just a little helpful hint that I got from a CM.
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    You can only add the DDP to a package.

    A package has requirements: It has a minimum of 3 night stay and everyone in the room must have the same ticket (but the ticket doesn't have to be for the length of stay).

    Since it is a package, there are rules regarding cancellation fees. The package must be paid in full 45 days before checkin.

    Your package can have the DDP or you can choose not to add it. (It is an add on).

    After your package is paid in full (45 days prior) you will receive your material with DME tags, paperwork describing the package and other info.

    You can purchase insurance on your package, because if you cancel after it is paid you are subject to penalties. The penalty fees are tiered, i.e., the closer to your checkin date, the higher the fee.

    You can NOT add the DDP to a room only reservation.
    You can NOT get an AP/Fl resident discount on a package.

    DVC members can purchase the DDP only if they are staying using their points at one of the DVC resorts. (For example, as a DVC member, if you pay to stay a Pop Century, no you do not qualify for the DDP if it's a room only reservation, you are subject to the same rules outlined in the package requirements).

    Hope this helps. :thumbsup2

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