I love credit cards so much! v2.0 (see first page for add'l details)

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Feb 11, 2012
Cause this will be on the first page :rotfl2:

Sticky #2 for the dictator's rules :rotfl:

Sticky #3 back up for @Lain 's spreadsheet :laughing: (not really but :rotfl2:)

Sticky #4 All the stuff we can't tell you that's hidden in the thread so it will remain blank

Sticky #5 the 2019 South Fayette Lions schedule and record for when @SouthFayetteFan 's sig gets too long :rotfl2:
No kidding! I want @Lain's spreadsheet posted. He knows WAY too much! We need to know what he knows about each of us lol!


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Sep 6, 2014
I welcome any and all feedback on the first 3 sticky comments.

1) Is a welcome message of sorts - can edit, add, or eliminate if necessary
2) Is what we need to give good advice - are we missing anything there?
3) I tried to not get too crazy with the glossary (it needs to be readable...) If anything super important is missing let me know. If you think anything is confusing let me know. Should anything be removed as it's just not used often enough?
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    Feb 11, 2012
    Fine. Then I'll take "Queen of Annual Fees and Mistress of Ridiculous Redemptions."
    You, ridiculous redemptions?? You, who just got back from Antarctica?? We all live and breathe by your redemptions, wishing we could have those ourselves! But I agree, you may be the queen of Annual Fees. It is your influence that helps us all to justify them.


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    Feb 23, 2011
    Did I? LOL. I must have missed it. Still wondering how I know what counts as direct deposit. I have looked over some on DoC but there are months and months worth of comments on that page.
    Generally it looks like transactions that post as "ACH CREDIT" have been triggering the bonus. You'll see a difference when it posts if was a P2P vs DD. If it comes through as ACH WEB PAYMENT the description will say something like "Transfer" or "Popmoney" and doesn't seem to trigger the bonus. If it's a DD the description will be the name of the bank and usually the category shows as "other income". PNC is goofy at the moment and won't show me any transactions so I can't give specifics.

    For PNC, this is what my Chase push (that counted) looked like:

    Other clues:
    - The Growth account keeps track of how much direct deposit you have for the higher interest rate.
    - You'll get an e-mail "Direct Deposit Greater Than $1.00 Credited To Your Checking Account"
    Unfortunately I have found that the emails and the growth account status don't accurately reflect true direct deposits so I wouldn't use that as proof it worked. When I pull money into PNC I get those emails. I get an email on any electronic transfer so it really shouldn't be labeled as Direct Deposits. Same with the growth account, all my transfers count to keep it fee free and towards the Growth relationship rate but there's many DP's on DoC that they didn't trigger the bonus for people. Like Discover Savings, that showed up as a transfer (ACH WEB) which folks have said didn't trigger the bonus but I definitely got an email and I think it counted for Growth that month.


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    Dec 4, 2009
    Ok OK...So I'll address this one on the first page too...

    Who am I and why am I qualified to create this thread: Well DUH, I'm @SouthFayetteFan - the famous churner! Ok seriously, I'm just a guy, who cares WAY too much about credit cards and LOVES this community of fellow churners! Anybody could've created this thread, it just happens to be me, so basically...I'm not special :)

    Feel free to call me the benevolent dictator if you wish though...I will consider it a term of endearment!
    Yay! Thanks for creating the new thread! Love the intro posts so far.


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    Feb 21, 2017
    Thanks @SouthFayetteFan, er...Benevolent Dictator, for taking on this endeavor. The stickys look good, but you can never have too many acronyms. When I first started reading this forum 14 months ago I would get the HUGEST headaches from trying to figure out what all those letters meant. AMEX card abbreviations still trip me up, probably because I only have two of their cards!
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