How long does California Adventure take?

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by RadJad56, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. RadJad56

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    Dec 20, 2004
  2. BlueBayou

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    Sep 18, 2004
    RadJad56 - You don't say what age you are traveling with. I have two Preschoolers and have also traveled with my high school/college aged niece and nephew.

    While I prefer to use DCA as a break from the crowds at DL - I have spent the entire day at DCA on a couple of occasions. It gives you a chance to do things you like more than once. My DH and DD5 rode Soarin' over CA 5 times one day. Plus the Aladdin show and the annimation buildings are very good. If you add in the ELP at night, you can really make a day of it. There is a lot more "exploring" and less waiting in line while we are at DCA. The Redwood Challenge area is always a nice little area for the kids to have fun. We see more characters with less crowds too. My kids had fun just hanging out in the wharf area looking at the water. When my oldest was a baby we hung out in that area while some of the 6 adults in our party enjoyed adult beverages.

    I am frequently surprised at how much time we do end up spending at DCA. No it is not Disneyland and it does lack some of the pixie dust but it is a fine park with a much less crowded feel. Our family will sometimes take a break by relaxing on a bench by GRR, watching to rafts go down and listening to the sounds of water.
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  4. Amy&Dan

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    Feb 19, 2004
    Disneyland and DCA can be done together, even for a one day trip. They are so close together that hopping is just steps away. And since Disneyland always opens one to two hours earlier and stays open later, you can still spend the bulk of your day at DCA if you desire and still have time for Disneyland. Also, I know you said you have been to DL but have you been since Pirates and Space Mountain were refurbed? Space Mountain is just incredible and I hear POTC is too since they reopened it (just missed that by two days on my last trip). I think DCA is a wonderful park and I can spend a lot of time over there, however, I am not sure I could be that close to DL and not go in for just a few favorites. Also, someone correct me if I am wrong but don't all tickets at DL now include the park hopper feature? Also, since the fp machines at both parks are not linked you can hold and get fp's for both parks at the same time, making it possible to do all the headliners at each park.
  5. MagicalMomAZ

    MagicalMomAZ DIS Veteran

    Aug 17, 2006
    My DH & I did DCA is 1 day, we skipped some rides as our DD was only 4 but we went the 2nd day & we had nothing to do.

    We personally need 2 days in DL & 1 in DCA - it works great. HTH :)
  6. dizzyami

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    Aug 26, 2006
    I agree to try to park hop. The hours to California are limited - especially depending on when you are going, and usually does open 2 hours later and close 2 hours earlier then Disney. This would definitely allow you to hit both. I haven't been to WDW for almost 20 years - but at that time the parks were TOTALLY different. DL does not cover nearly the land area that WDW does, and you can quickly walk through DL to hit your favorites if you desire.
  7. disneegrl4eva

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    Jan 18, 2004
    I agree with the other posters...there is really no reason why you cant do both parks.. :goodvibes
  8. Grim_Grinning_Girl

    Grim_Grinning_Girl DIS Veteran

    Aug 11, 2006
    I would say park hop. There's more at California for younger kids to do and enjoy than for adults, but even if you're traveling with kids you'll probably be done by late afternoon possibly early evening.

    For sure check out the Alladin musical, get your free tortilla sample at the Mission tortilla factory, fast-pass Soarin' and Tower of Terror, and if you have a Disney Visa card and you're interested in the free 5X7 meet and greet photo keep in mind that it's only at California Adventure and it ends at 11:30 am, location is Ariel's grotto restaurant. <----- now that was the info when I went a week and a half ago, it may have changed??? (first time I've done it).

    (Don't worry about backpackin' in your own sodas, we didn't have any problems during search and the park is nice about giving you a cup of ice. $3 bucks a soda vs. $2.50 12 pack).
  9. LittlePrincesses

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    Aug 26, 2006
    You all have such great information.

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