How far is the walk from the Swan to both MGM and Epcot??


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May 6, 2001
We have an Easter trip planned right now at the Contmporary. We were thinking of trying to split our stay between the Contemporary and The Swan. I would love to be able to walk into all the parks. Can anyone tell me about how long it takes to walk from the Swan to both MGM and Epcot?

We stayed at the BWI last Easter and loved that location. The walk from the Swan to the International Gateway at Epcot would be only a few minutes. But to MGM would probably take 15-20 minutes. We always walked to Epcot but took the Friendship boats over to MGM.
Thank you so much for the information!!! Epcot and MK are our two favorite parks. We are staying at the Contemporary right now and I've thought about splitting the stay between the Contemporary and the Swan. Driving or taking the boat to MGM wouldnt be so bad because we would probably only do that park once on our trip.
My mom (61 years old) and I stayed at the Dolphin this past Christmas. We walked to both parks, but only once to MGM! It took about 20 minutes to walk; the boat ride, however, was REALLY quick because it went straight to MGM from the Swan/Dolphin landing. Epcot took us about 10 minutes to walk - the boat ride was MUCH longer, and involved many stops.


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