How does disembarking at a port of call work?


May 5, 2005
Hi All,

We are going on our first ever cruise and I'm trying to plan our day in Cozumel. My itinerary says our day in port starts at 8 but I assume it takes a while to actually get off the ship. If we get up and get moving what is a reasonable time to think we will be on the pier? I'm trying to figure out what time to reserve a non-cruise ship tour. We'd like to tour KaoKao chocolate factory as early in the day as reasonable. We are also stopping at a Farmacias Ahorra to buy asthma meds and hope to be able to finish our day in Cozumel at Money Bar for refreshments and snorkeling.



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Jul 24, 2010
Barring any problems, you will be off the ship by 830 at the latest. Ship tours get to leave the ship first.


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Apr 8, 2015
That’s pretty much it. Usually a crush of folks trying to get off as early as possible but if you wait 30 minutes it should thin out.

And be aware that Cozumel is EST year round - no DST so if you’re not travelling in the winter months they will (likely) be an hour behind ships time.


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Feb 9, 2005
There is usually a line waiting for them to open the gangway but it moves past...just scan your sea pass card, walk through security and your're good to go. In Coz you've got to navigate some local vendors but you can be out on the street within 15 minutes of arriving at the gangway on the ship.


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