Hollywood Studios fireworks...where to stand?


Jul 15, 2016
Keep in mind the show returning isn’t a true fireworks show. It’s just a projection show that has a few moments of pyro at the end. I would not wait to long for this as it’s not really anything spectacular.


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May 23, 2007
I never understood the logic of having the WWoA show considering what was to follow. I worked the SW dessert party regularly and escorted the party Guests to their private viewing area. Sometimes I hung around for a little while and watched the show. I didn't get the sense that it was a must see.
The last time we did the SW Dessert Party, we were actually ushered out to watch that projection show 45 minutes before the actual end of the party. We were upset.


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Jul 13, 2012
It depends on your height. In the past, HS was one of the hardest parks for me to see the projection show, I'm height challenged. The first time I tried was the most successful and it was an accident. My adult son and I were leaving the park and didn't even know about the Star Wars show (it was when it first started). We stopped at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and the main road where the attraction wait times sign used to be, I was able to see most of the higher projections. People were trying to stand on that raised curb type thing and cast members were making them get off.

The other two times I got there early and purposely got a good spot. Time #1 I was about 1 1/2 early and was sitting on the ground and a CM came and got me and told me they would move me to a better place, which they did right where the tape was going to be in the front between the open spot and the dessert party people. Me and a couple of families with kids were there and agreed amongst ourselves that we would make sure the kids could see. A minute before the show started, two very tall very large men came and got right in front of me and some of the kids. I kind of scooted over a bit so the kids might could peek between them but I saw nothing but fireworks. The second time my adult son and I got there about a hour before the show and stood behind a row of people in scooters/wheelchairs. Our thinking was no one was going to get in front of them right? My son could stand behind me since he is taller. Wrong, again about a minute before the show some tall men came and stood in front of the row, some of the scooter people were able to stand (one poor woman had a broken foot but was able to stand with her knee on her scooter seat) which of course, meant I could not see around any of them. We were on the edge on the tape where they create a middle aisle so I could sort of peek around the corner hanging the top half of my body over the tape to see some of the projections on the left side.
A tip for anyone who is height challenged and has at least some physical ability. About 1/2ish way back from the theater, there is a long wall/bench about 2 feet tall on the right side of the plaza (when facing the theater), there actually may be one on the other side as well, not sure. But when facing the theater, the wall backs to some refreshment carts, trees, and garden area, so nobody can stand behind you. Climb up onto that wall and stand to watch, you can see over everybody.


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May 13, 2017
The last time we did the SW Dessert Party, we were actually ushered out to watch that projection show 45 minutes before the actual end of the party. We were upset.
I didn't like that they added that show which reduced the party length but that was a DHS decision and we were not a DHS department. I don't recall the exact timing but we had to clear the party venue of all guests, escort them to the viewing area and get them all settled with about five minutes to spare. On some nights it was like herding cats. I don't remember if it was 45 minutes, sounds early, but whatever the party ending time was, it all got done in time.
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