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    Apr 19, 2011
    We are planning a trip to HK for March, 10 days and staying at the JW Marriott using Marriott points. The kids will be 6y3m and 4y3m. I am planning on 2 days at DHK and 1 day at Ocean Park, likely doing Jumbo after OP. oh, DH lived in Kowloon City as a kid and goes back fairly regularly but mostly visits family and eats, I went for 10 days with DH 11 years ago.

    Any suggestions for Disney or other must-dos? I know I want to do Disney Dim Sum, will do that on a separate day from the park the same day as the tram and Big Buddha. We will do the markets, at least Ladies Market. Will also do the tram peak and Hong Kong Park.

    Of, and can you rent a stroller in DHK, I am not sure if we will bring one. And a crazy ? But in London there were TONS of kids on strollers, am I right to assume that would be insane in HK?
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    We were just in Hong Kong a few weeks ago, with our 5 year old and 2 year old sons. We spent one day at Disney, and one day touring HK (nowhere near enough time, but all we had)

    For Disney, we had a stroller and were very glad we did. For the city itself, we did not and simply used a baby carrier. I think a stroller would have been really hard in the city.

    Have a great trip. It sounds like fun!
  3. Keri

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    We went to Hong Kong in March with my 3 kids, ages almost 4, 7 and 9. We did take our umbrella stroller for our youngest, but there were definitely times when we didn't use it. We took it with us the day we went to the peak - we took the star ferry, went up the Mid Level escalators, then walked to the peak tram and had it when we were up top. It was helpful, but not necessary if your kids are used to walking. I don't think there was a lot of riding time in there -- even the walk from the midlevels to the tram was a lot of hills & steps so she couldn't ride. We did not take the stroller to Ladies Market, but we did take it to the jade market because we were walking back to the hotel from there & knew we'd need it.

    DL is not that big, so I don't think a stroller is necessary. I'm pretty sure they did have rentals, though, if you find you need one.
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    Dec 14, 2010
    We went a couple of years ago for Christmas and just rented a stroller at the park towards the end of the day. If I remember correctly they refund the deposit when you return the stroller. Our son was 3 and half at the time. It's a small park and not so crowded so I think the 6 year old should be totally fine. For the city itself we didn't use a stroller but I don't think it would have been a problem bringing one.

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