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Discussion in 'Camping at Disney World' started by Elliott, Dec 7, 2008.

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    ....Although not easy enough for me to know what the answer is.
    10 of us are going to breakfast at the castle in June. Staying at FW of course. ADR @ 8:10. I do not think it is an EMR day so how do I get there in time to walk 6 kids under 6 to the check-in at CRT? I have read about a mysterious "character breakfast bus" but no one seems to know of the exact times it runs or even if it really exists! I would normally take the boat to MK but it doesn't run until too late and I don't think the contemporary boat even runs early enough to then transfer to the monorail (correct me if I am wrong.) Any other park and we would drive our own truck there. As many alternative ways as possible would be appreciated for flexabilities sake. Thanks!
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    If you do not have a wheelchair guest in your party then take the small boat to the Contemporary (1st one at 6:45 am, (I have been on that 6:45 am boat many times to have breakfast at the old Food n' Fun Center), then walk or monorail over to the Contemporary.

    If you do have a wheelchair in your party, then bus to Wilderness Lodge from Settlement, then bus to Magic Kingdom. Those buses start pretty early (6:30 - 6:45)
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    We just hopped the Orange Bus to WL and then bus to MK.
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    When you check in at FW, tell the CM you will need transportation to CRT on the date and for the time. They will have a car/WDW van pick you up and take you to the front gate of MK.

    We've done this before. Make sure you call the night before as well to remind. The first time we needed transportation, I didn't call until the morning of the reservation. The CM panicked and I had to speak to the manager...which was fine. The van arrived on time and we were at CRT in plenty of time.

    We also use the transportation for DH and DD to go to early tee off at the golf courses.

    There may be transportation information for Character meals in the Fort information packet you get at check in. I think I remember seeing that on our last trip in July 07.

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