Help me choose a TS character breakfast please!

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by clemsondisneyfan, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. clemsondisneyfan

    clemsondisneyfan We are a family of 4 and we love to visit the Mous

    Jan 21, 2006
    We have always eaten at Chef Mickey and enjoyed it. This time, we wanted to try something new for a change. I made reservations at AK in Dinoland for the Breakfastasaurus. We have 2 boys so princess breakfasts are out :sad1:

    Today, we looked at a park map and noticed that this particular breakfast is in a McDonald's. So, now I am concerned about the quality of the food.

    Please give me any suggestions you might have about this place or others. We are using the dining plan again, but do not have to use our credits that morning for a meal if another place is really good.

    We are staying at POP.

    Thank you!

    20 days until we arrive at WDW!!!
  2. ksloane

    ksloane DIS Veteran

    Jun 26, 2006
    It's not at a McDonald's. Maybe a Fry stand is close to it??? Someone else can tell you more I'm sure, but let me recommend Donald's Breakfastsaurus. My daughter loved it!! And both of us left stuffed! It was a great experience for us.
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  4. byoung

    byoung <font color=coral>You are keeping us alive<br><br>

    Jun 22, 2005
    Cape May Cafe.
  5. DaGrumpy

    DaGrumpy Beware of Hitchhiking Ghost

    Jan 5, 2004
    I have enjoyed Breakfastasaurus twice is a very nice breakfast. It is buffet style, but the food is very well done. It offers nice varity and the character interaction is well done. Also this location is near the fry stand as ksloane pointed out, but is not a McDonalds. It is a can't miss for those going to the Animal Kingdom.:cool1:
  6. bleeps

    bleeps DIS Veteran

    Apr 15, 2003
    We've done Donald's breakfastasaurus twice and had good experiences each time (most recently we were there a month ago). As others have said, it is a standard breakfast buffet -- it does not serve McDonald's food at breakfast (it IS offered here later in the day for lunch and dinner -- McDonald's-- thus the confusion). It's a great way to start your day at AK, especially if you opt for an early ADR and can be out by 9 (if it's a regular opening time day) to hit the attractions early.
  7. NC State

    NC State DIS Veteran

    Aug 11, 2005
    This is true, we have eaten there twice as well and it use to be our only breakfast until we tried Ohana's. It's now our #1 choice to eat at Ohana's (we get the early seating time) and then drive over to AK. We go early and it's like we were the only family there!
  8. buzzboys

    buzzboys Mouseketeer

    Oct 27, 2006
    The O'hana's breakfast was great for us also. I also have 2 boys. We are going to try Cape May this next trip but I personally love the O'hana breakfast better than Chef Mickey's. It is also easier with two children to have the food brought to the table instead of my DH and I having to take turns going to get food for everyone.
  9. MaeDaisy

    MaeDaisy Mouseketeer

    Dec 28, 2006
    We had a late breakfast (10:45) here on 12/27. The variety and quality were both great. after 11:00ish, they partitioned the food serving area off to separate the breakfast area from the McDonalds. They ARE in the same building, but the McD's only opens after lunchtime, and they do keep the areas separate. I would not have realized it was a McDs except that you have to go through that area to get to the restrooms. People eating earlier, before the McDs started serving, probably didn't even realize the building did double duty.

    Character interaction was good here too, and the CMs were the friendliest of any of the restaurants we went to.

    We were on the dining plan, but paid OOP for this one since our TS's were already reserved for more expensive dinners.
  10. eeyore45

    eeyore45 <font color=darkorchid>Do-it-yourself pixie dust =

    Jun 18, 2004
    I'll add a thumbs up for Ohana's :thumbsup2

    Esp if you love Stitch, Lilo, Mickey.... they have a "parade" and like above posted, the food is brought to you - and the bread - omg!! Its shot up to the top of our "must do" and we have now scratched off the Ohana dinner!! (non character, and food not to our liking anymore!)

    and the waitress we had was so pleasant, always there refilling our food and drink, and it turned out we were short a dining plan credit - she just automatically charged our Child's meal... again, they couldnt have been nicer to us "cousins" :love:
  11. DonnaDuck

    DonnaDuck DIS Veteran

    Mar 16, 2002
    We love Donald's! It's a must-do for us each trip. We always make early ADR's here. It's nice to be able to get in the park before it opens officially.

    Gotta agree with the others too. Ohana's breakfast was great! We ate there for the first time our last trip. My sons are big Stitch fan! I was so happy to see how much time the characters spent with each child here. My youngest son was not quite 2 years old last trip and Lilo held his hand as she walked around the room in the parade. He is 3 now and still remembers her!! Also, we had a seat the morning we ate there with a direct view of the castle. The food is also great here!

    We will be eating at both places during our trip this month. Love them both, but if you only decide to do Donald's, you will not be dissapointed. Have a wonderful time!!!! :thumbsup2
  12. clemsondisneyfan

    clemsondisneyfan We are a family of 4 and we love to visit the Mous

    Jan 21, 2006
    Now I think I am going to have to put both in a hat and let a child pull out a name so we can make a decision between Ohana's and Donald's. haha

    This board is so great. I love how much information can be passed on in such a short amount of time.

    Thanks again everyone!

    17 days until we arrive at WDW!
  13. MickeyNicki

    MickeyNicki It is pretty darn sad when a valet picks you out a

    Sep 22, 2005
    We were just there last month and this was our first time for TS breakfasts. We loved Kona, our fav. CP at the MK is great, try to get the first seating so you can get in the park early. Donalds was wonderful, this was great for food and characters and we got right over to EE.

    The only place that we disliked was 1900 Park Fare. The food was horrible and the noise level is like a rock concert. The characters are mish mash too, Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, Pooh and Tigger and Mary Poppins....
  14. EEyorelover22

    EEyorelover22 I want to live in the Castle

    Jul 18, 2002
    Hands down, DS loves Donald's and it's very good food. It turns into McDonald's after breakfast is over. We always do an early ADR at 8 so we are at rope drop at 9 on a non early entry day.

    Only trouble is don't drive if you do an early ADR. Take a Disney bus. There's lots of confusion about whether they let cars into the lot or not.

    We have done a lot of the character breakfasts and DS still likes this one the most with the more boyish characters.

    We did a 10:00 ADR over Christmas week and it was still very good. I thought it wouldn't be as good later, but it was. DS says they have the best bacon in the World. I love the cinnamon roll French toast.
  15. dzorn

    dzorn DIS Addict

    Apr 1, 2006
    I second that

    Denise in MI

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