HELP!!! February 6-9 Info


Earning My Ears
Feb 1, 2001
I am coming to Orlando alone to visit USF/IOA for the first time and also Sea World Orlando. I will be there from 2-6 through 2-9 and am trying to decide between a 2 day Universal Pass or 3 Day Pass and debating whether or not to do Discovery Cove (will I have fun alone?) and Sea World. Does anyone know what the "line waiting time" is right now at IOA and USF? Should I plan 2 or 3 days to enjoy some attractions twice? Is Discovery Cove really oriented toward families and/or couples or would I enjoy being there alone? I don't want to spend the money unwisely at Discovery Cove. What would someone suggest for a youngish (27) guy who wants to have fun and enjoy the three parks in terms of what passes and what to do. I've done the Disney Thing, but not USF/IOA and Seaworld, so that I know I want to do--how much time to I need and will I have fun being alone while there? Are the line waits long or short this time of year? I am having trouble finding this info. Thank you so much for your input!
If you have the time to spend 3 days, get the 3 day pass. The price difference between the 2 and 3 day is slight. If you go and see all you need to in 2 days you can always save the 3rd day for another trip. I would have no problem touring these parks alone. I know I would enjoy it. You can also take advantage of the single riders line.I think the dates you will be there should be quiet and you could get a lot done. I cant help with Discovery Cove as I have not been there yet. There is a board for SeaWorld where they can be of more help.SeaWorld
Also with the 3 day you can tour each park and use the 3rd day to do your favorites in both.
Have Fun! :D

I visited USF last March, i guess. I remember many things. I liked everything there. Even if it wasnt a 'fun' ride, it was interesting. I spent about 45 minutes in the lucy tribute area, probably because I am just old enough to remember watching it (as reruns) as a kid. By the way, DesiLu 1st implimented that whole syndication thing - smart lady. I went on the hanna barbara kids ride - took my cousin to make it legit. My family wanted to head back to tampa about 8 pm. I wanted to commit felony crimes - the parade was about to start, i wanted to go to citywalk and see. Your eyes are not big enough, and the day is not long enough.
So: I am going Feb 12 to 16, staying at the Hard Rock - you could probably still book a night if you are not too picky - or, where I found rooms like crazy when everyone else, including HRHs own people said no rooms! (They said "we are not authorized to book any rooms for those dates." I took that to mean, "we're supposed to try and sell you another date, but you might try someone else.") You can ask them for the Room Only number, and maybe get a room that way.
also, info:
Get a 3 day pass, and get front of line in the early entry hours. Stay at hard Rock, and get front of line all day long. I have made inquiries, and the 3 day pass 'seems' to be the same no matter where you get it. Make sure it has 'unused days dont expire' and CityWalk Party Pass included, but I hear they all do. You can have leave the ticket at your hotel for you.
Call 1800loews12 and ask to be a First club memeber, and get your code. Then, assuming you did not get a special group or negotiated rate to stay at Hard Rock (a loews hotel), you can upgrade your room to the next level, and get a bottle of wine.
So, as I said, there is LOTS to do, you can spend the whole day, yet, I hear Islands of Adventure is even better. So, for my vacation this year, I will be there for 3 days, doing everying from USF again, and IOA and CW as well.
In terms of getting along alone - I can only give you my own - different perspective. I am generally antisocial, I like to spend time alone at home. I even live in the woods (well, in a house, in the woods). However, I cannot, and do not do anything alone when I go out. In fact, I have a friend who is off work for a week at that time, and he cried poverty and boredom, and so I agreed to arrange the trip and cover the expenses he cannot cover. We intend to try and meet people and socialize while there, for the fun of it. I mean, the same goes for you. I would not be surprised at all if you at some point are standing in line next to someone else similar in age, who is hiding from or embarassed by his/her parents, and would rather be with someone of similar age and interests. If you can figure out something easy to say, you might find a companion for the day. If you dont want one, the activities could occupy you for days.


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