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    I am starting to plan our 2013 trip and we are meeting my best friend and her family down there. I would like to take my daughter down there 2 days before we met up with them and I am treating her two a day at the grand floridan for a spa treatment. So my question is do i make two seperate reservations becasue we are going to be finishing our vacation at music and how do we move our luggage ...thanks all and Happy Thanksgiving to all
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    I believe it will be all one reservation just split stays. When you call to book they will let you know about that part. As far as your luggage; they will take care of that for you. They will take it to your next resort. If you are going to have a car it might be a little quicker if you took it yourself. It all depends how soon you will need your luggage.
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    Different resorts means different reservations. So you would have one at the GF (if I am reading you correctly) and one at ASMusic. Disney will move your luggage for you to the second resort.
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    Just make sure you don't do two separate packages with tickets or you will spend a lot more on tickets than you need to.

    If you want the dining plan, you must buy tickets. If that's the case, then I would recommend paying out of pocket for meals during your GF stay, booking a package at Music with tickets, and pick up your tickets early (per the ticket sticky instructions at the top of the theme park page).

    If you don't want the dining plan, book a room only reservation at both resorts and buy your tickets at the GF for the total number of days of your entire trip.

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