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Earning My Ears
Jun 10, 2018
Hey DisBoards!
After your warm response in giving some ideas for our trip, we've decided to attempt our first dining review on this trip! We're a pair in our early twenties and one of us is a former CM coming down to celebrate the new year and some new jobs. We will be trying out drinks and one of us is a vegetarian so you can expect to read about plant based options for sure!

Our Final Dining Itinerary for January 5th- January 10th, 2020:
Story Book Dining with Snow White
Donald's Safari Breakfast at Tusker House
Minnie's Silver Screen Dine at Hollywood and Vine with Fantasmic! Seating
Topolino's Terrace Dinner
Sci- Fi Dine In Theatre Lunch
Teppan Edo Dinner
'Ohana Best Friends Character Breakfast with Lilo and Stitch
Satuli' Canteen
Be Our Guest
Bon Voyage Breakfast at Trattoria Al Forno
Chefs De France Lunch
Oga's Cantina Drinks
Akershus Royal Banquet Hall Dinner
A Buffet with Character at the Crystal Palace

Thanks for Following Along and I'm going to do my best to do some updating in real time as we journey!
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    Earning My Ears
    Jun 10, 2018
    Hello Everyone!
    Our Flight touched back down at 12:25am this morning and we are Exhausted but had so much fun!
    I'm planning on starting to share the photos and reviews from our meals in order tonight and hopefully finish on Tuesday, but wanted to share this initial post first for those of you wanting to try Deluxe, but are wary of it being too much food or taking up too much of your time.
    We found that eating breakfast early and having dinner late with lunch in the middle and a couple of signature experiences really worked for us and while we might have felt a bit full right after a meal, we never walked into one of our ADRs feeling like we were eating because we had to. Often we were actually hungry.....
    The other thing we've often heard people say is that the Deluxe Plan has you sitting down to eat so often you won't have any time to do anything in the park. So to try and argue against that point here's an idea of what we did on our trip besides the 15 food and drink based experiences we had.


    Space x2
    Country Bears
    Big Thunder
    Dwarves x2
    People Mover
    Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin x4
    Carousel of Progress
    The Tiki Room
    Jungle Cruise
    Pirates of the Carribean
    It’s a Small World
    Enchanted Tales with Belle
    Under the Sea: Little Mermaid
    Seven Dwarves Mine Train x2
    Many Adventures of Pooh x2
    Mickey’s Philharmagic
    Prince Charming Regal Carousel
    Peter Pan’s Flight x3
    The Barnstormer
    Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom: Main Street
    Happily Ever After
    Dapper Dans
    Festival of Fantasy
    Haunted Mansion
    Astro Orbiter

    Test Track
    Frozen Ever After
    American Adventure
    Mission Space
    The Seas with Nemo
    Living with the Land
    Journey into Imagination
    Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival
    Epcot Forever
    Gran Fiesta Tour with Three Caballeros
    Epcot Experience
    Spaceship Earth
    World Showcase Countries

    Hollywood Studios
    Rise of the Resistance x2
    Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam
    Millennium Falcon
    Slinky Dog Dash x4
    Toy Story Mania x3
    Alien Swirling Saucers
    Rock n Rollercoaster x3
    Tower of Terror x2
    Voyage of the Little Mermaid
    Star Tours x2
    Lightning McQueen Racing Academy
    MuppetVision 3D
    Walt Disney Presents

    Animal Kingdom
    Flight of Passage x3
    Navi River Journey
    Kilimanjaro Safari x2
    Expedition Everest x2
    Finding Nemo the Musical
    Festival of the Lion King
    Gorilla Falls Trail
    Rafiki Planet Watch
    Winged Encounters
    Animation Experience
    It’s Tough to Be a Bug

    Evil Queen
    Snow White x2
    Mickey x7
    Minnie x5
    Donald x4
    Daisy x3
    Goofy x4
    Pluto x2
    Pooh x2
    Ariel x3
    Rapunzel x2
    Prince Eric
    Flynn Rider
    Cinderella x2
    Belle x2
    Prince Charming
    Peter Pan
    Chip x2
    Dale x2
    Darth Vader
    Bo Peep
    Fairy Godmother
    Big Al
    Edna Mode
    Mr Incredible
    Mulan x2

    We felt like we accomplished a lot even though dining did take up a chunk of our time. It also gave us the excuse to try every type of transportation Disney Offers including the Skyliner, which is our new favorite especially during fireworks which we were lucky to see twice. I hope you'll have as much fun following along as we had the last 6 days and we can't wait to share our first review real soon!
    PS. Can you tell we tried Memory Maker for the first time?​


    Earning My Ears
    Jun 10, 2018
    Story Book Dining with Snow White at Artist Point
    Reservation Time: 6:40PM
    Check in Time: 6:25PM
    Seated Time: 6:28PM
    Meal Duration: 65 Minutes

    Drinks Ordered:
    The Enchanted Apple- Skyy citrus vodka, DeKupyer pucker sour apple and white cranberry juice
    The Smoking Mirror- Johnnie Walker Black, wildberry, lime, rosemary smoke
    Transformation Potion- lemonade, blue potion

    OUR THOUGHTS: The Enchanted Apple was exactly what I was looking for to start my meal off right. There was a sweet, but fresh taste to it that was delicious and refreshing. The apple slice was a nice treat at the end. The Presentation of the Smoking Mirror was great and exciting, but boy was it strong. The smoke flavor and the whisky overpowered the fruit flavor and the smoke really ended up being a bit too much for our taste.I’m sure if you like a strong smoky whisky taste then this is fantastic, but we quickly realized we are not the target for this one. We also ordered the transformation potion because we had seen how cool it looked and wanted to give it a try. The trick was indeed neat but the taste of the drink was a really watered down lemonade for my taste and the candy stirring piece I’ve seen was noticeably absent. For $4 it was fine, but I wouldn’t need it again.

    Appetizer Selection:
    Mushroom Bisque with Crispy mushroom
    Hunter’s Terrine-Chicken, black truffle, stone fruit preserve, house-made pickles
    Wicked Shrimp Cocktail- soy, miso, avocado, Thai chili, greens
    OUR THOUGHTS: Let’s start off with the real winner of this portion which was hands down the Mushroom Bisque. It was perfectly creamy and had a nice rich and hearty mushroom flavor. The one bite that had the piece of crispy mushroom was such a treat. We both cleaned our bowls on this one and seriously considered asking for more. The less said about the Hunter’s Terrine the better. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but I hadn’t realized they had changed this dish from what it had been and was disappointed. The jam and sausage as well as the crackers were all fine, but it all was more of a why situation. I was confused about what the mass appeal of what I was served would be a figure it is probably the one that goes most untouched. Our non- meat eater had just the jam and cracker on this one and said they were a pleasant combination alone, but was also perplexed by their appearance. The shrimp was very tasty and we enjoyed mixing it around in the jar to get the full intended flavor profile. There was a bit of a kick to it, but it was not too spicy at all and trust me if it was even the tiniest bit spicy you would have heard me from across the country. We felt one shrimp a piece was a bit of a small portion, but when coupled with the other two figured it wasn’t horrible. The meal at this point is off to a great start!

    Entree Selection:
    A Stroll Through Nature- Asparagus, leeks, arugula, gnocchi, sage, parmesan
    Magic Mirror Pork Shank- Pork Shank on a bed of greens with Mashed Potatoes

    OUR THOUGHTS: The main event and boy what an event it was! The Stroll Through Nature was so delicious that we both ended up trying more than one bite of it. The pasta was delicious and top notch. The gnocchi was just as good as the one I personally had as an appetizer at Topolino’s the following night. The fresh tasting vegetables and the cheese on the top were the perfect blend and every bite was truly a little bit of wonder. I would consider ordering this as my personal entree on a return visit even though I am a carnivore myself. Speaking of, let’s get to that delicious fall off the bone tender pork shank. It was so delicious was great flavor and expert seasoning and the cook on the meat was just right. It sat on a bed of mashed potatoes that were so delicious and some other greens. I’m sad to see this may no longer be on the menu, because this was a top tier dish. We both agreed that these dishes make artist point worth going out of your way to eat at even if this wasn’t a character meal.



    Earning My Ears
    Jun 10, 2018

    Dessert Selection:

    Miner’s Treasure- sponge cake, chocolate gems, and berry panna cotta
    Gooseberry Pie- meringue, gooseberry
    Poison Apple- dark chocolate-apple mousse, sour center
    The Hunter’s Gift to the Queen- crackled maple popcorn, ganache heart
    OUR THOUGHTS: What’s a first night at Disney without a sweet finish? Every single bite during this portion of the meal was awesome in our book. We started with the Miner’s Treasure and it was the best surprise of the night. I took one look at it and expected to have that tingling sweet sugary icing and was prepared for that sensation. So imagine my surprise when I found a nicely balanced berry flavor that nicely complimented the cake and was actually kind of light and refreshing. The dopey hat on top was a cute touch and the chocolate rocks were a fun contrast to the soft sponge. Next we had the gooseberry pie which I enjoyed despite the fact that I’m much more partial to a blueberry pie than an apple one that this seems to resemble more. It’s more so the inside of a pie than it is a pie itself, but it certainly was tasty and the meringue on tope really added to it. The poison apple was great for this chocoholic, but I can’t say that I tasted the apple or the sour that was present. Both were still very tasty and all three had great presentation. Speaking of which, The Hunter’s Gift to the Queen had such a lovely and flashy presentation which was honestly maybe a little too impressive for the end result. Don’t get me wrong the popcorn and little hearts were tasty, but were the lesser of the desserts.

    Service: Our server Sarah was excellent and attentive and made excellent recommendations when we asked for them. Quick to refill our water and she even knew the Queen was going to be checking in on the kingdom in a little bit so she gave us the card to go and meet her before the end of our meal so we would not be waiting around for that long after we were done. Excellent service all around and we shared our positively feelings about her with WDW Guest Services.

    Character Interaction: Let’s be honest, this is the reason everyone is going to Artist’s Point now including us and it did not disappoint. Every single character was so specific and so perfect that it is hard to single out a favorite. Snow White came to visit us first and initially she was the one we had the least excitement to see as she meets regularly in other places. Let me tell you, she does not meet like this anywhere else. She sounded so close to the movie and spent a good chunk of time talking to us about all sorts of wonderful things and really started the meal off on such a positive note. Next we saw Grumpy who was so delightfully curmudgeon like and really was so animated in the way he interacted with us. Next was Dopey who was so fun and playful and so enjoyed doing all kinds of different poses and spending time with us. Finally, we got our summons to go up and meet the Queen and yes she is as fantastic as everyone says. She was biting and quick with her responses and was so much fun to talk to and pose with.

    Overall this was such a fantastic experience and spoiler now it was our favorite of all the places on our trip. This was so fantastic we actually considered canceling our final meal on the last day because we found one to do this again. We’re glad we didn’t for a very special reason, but more on that later!

    Long Story Book Dining Short, this is the must get ADR at WDW for us from now on!
    Walt Disney World Resort Reservations Available Through End of 2021


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