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What is the best loop and the best site/s.

We (4 kids, 2 adults)will be in a tent trailer that is 27" long when up. We have reservations for a full hookup site in June (nine nights).

Tell me the best loops and why. The best sites and why.

AND ... how do I request them from Disney. Thanks from Plan Man in Minnesota!
You are probably going to get a lot of different answers about this one. Our preference is to be in the middle area of the campground. Loops 1000 to 1300, 1500(has no sewer), or 1600 and 1700 if you have a pet. Any of these are in the same area as the pool, Meadow trading post, Bike barn, campfire program and play area by the pool. You can walk or ride your bike to any of these without it being a long jaunt. We are very comfortable letting our kids go to this area on there own. Some people choose the preferred. I think it's too loud, too expensive and the sites are really close together. All you have to do is request a loop on your ressies. They will tell you they can request it but it's not guaranteed. Most of the time you will get what you ask for. Have fun and Happy Campin ;)


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Hi,we have a popup trailer and always stay in the 400 loop. It is a preferred site, but it's worth the extra money to us because we're closer to the transportation and to the trading post. We also request to stay in the inside of the loop to cut down on the noise of buses going by at night.

Inside of the loop sounds like a good idea. I was wondering about the bus nise. Thanks.

1400 Loop is our favorite, it is a preferred loop, we like 1432 the best, its a large site and close to the comfort station and the campfire program.

This site has be occupied for the past few monthes by a huge Prevost coach, but we always request it - I'm sure they will check out someday.

We also liked the 300 loop which is a preferred pet loop.

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I myself prefer the 800 and 900 loop. It's right across from the campfire singalong and the Meadows Pool. I like being right there (yet not too close) and it's a short walk to the marina and Trails End Resturant.

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I'm interested in what is the best loop sites too.
Bumping for more info. :D
We will be there in November in our new Field & Stream 18 x 13 four room tent. So we are NOT looking for a small, cramped site.

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We have stayed in the 1400 loop 5 times (hoping for 6 in July :) ) and the 600 loop once. We love the 1400 loop:
- It is close to a swimming pool.
- It is close to a Trading Post (store).
- It is next to the Campfire/Movie area.
- You don't have to share a Comfort Station (restrooms/laundry) with another loop (possibly long walk).
- It has cable TV.
- It is close enough to the bus stop/marina that you can walk if you want to at night.
- If it is raining and you are returning to your campsite, you can take either bus route (Chip/Dale or Boone/Crockett) and get off at your loop or get off at 600 loop with a short walk to 1400.
- It just feels like home.

Good Luck and Have Fun :cool:

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Guess I always must be different but I would only want to stay in the 100,200, 400 or 500 loops. The one and only bad thing about FW is the transportation and it makes it worse if you have to take internal transportation just to get to the regular transportation.

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Thanks -- Great ideas -- Sounds like the 1400 loop is the one for us. But I am still listening!
We always request the 100 loop. Our reasons are that its walking distance to the beach and boat area to go over to MK. With the time of year we usually go we are not interested in the pool so other than going to the campfire one night we like being down by the lake area.
We just got back from a week long stay at Ft. Wilderness in our pop-up camper. We stayed in Loop 1500 - site 1517 - this is a partial hook-up loop. What a great loop! We have previously stayed in Loop 2000 and enjoyed it but it is too far from everything. And you definitely do not want to be right on the road - those buses are noisy and they operate til very late. From Loop 1500, the kids (all 6 of them!)walked to the pool and the trading post and the bus service was fantastic from here. I agree that any loop close to the Meadows is a good choice. Our site backed up to a canal and my youngest son enjoyed fishing there. He never did catch anything but he had fun trying! Our site seemed a bit small, but then again, we had our pop-up set up with a screen room & 2 small tents, too! (there were 9 of us!) We also have a full size van that takes quite a bit of room. I faxed Ft. Wilderness a few days before we were to arrive with a Loop request and a general idea of where I wanted to be and they gave me just what I wanted. I have never stayed on a preferred site close to the marina so I can't compare the two, but we were very happy with our choice.

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We stayed in the 1400 loop last time, and loved it! It's close to the campfire, and my kids went every night.
We have also stayed the 100 loop, and it is very close to the marina and we enjoyed that.
I think we will always request the 1400 from now on.

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We are moving to Ca. in Aug
Going in June - can't wait we are planning on the 1400 loop after reading these posts.


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