flying unicorn, storm force?????????????


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Feb 22, 2001
Does anyone have info about these two rides? Can't seem to find any. Specifically, will my 8 year old son, (who probably won't ride Hulk or DD, but doesn't want to look like a wimp in front of his 10 year brother, so won't go on "kidde coasters"), like Unicorn? Thanks!!
Storm Force is a spinning teacups to rock music, right next to the Hulk and Dr. Doom.

The Flying Unicorn is a child's rollercoaster near Dueling Dragons. It is a short but great ride, and isn't quite a "kiddie ride" like Woody Woodpeckers Nuthouse Coaster at USF.

Both rides were introduced at about the same time in IOA last year and are great for the younger set, especially the ones who are just a few inches too short for the "big" rides. My son, 8, loved both of them.


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My sons, ages 8 and 11 and I loved the Flying Unicorn. I wouldn't classify it as a kiddie coaster. I thought it was equivalent to the Big Thunder Railroad coaster at the Magic Kingdom. They rode it 7 times!
FWIW, here are my write ups opn these two:

The Flying Unicorn

Rating: * * *
Type: A baby roller coaster
Time: Less than a minute
Kelly says: Wee thrills for wee folk

Just past Dueling Dragons and just before you enter Jurassic Park, you’ll find this cute little coaster tucked off to one side. The themeing is part Olde England, part Hobbit Shire, and altogether charming. Set in a gnarled and stunted wood, surrounded by a fence of crooked wood and twisted iron, the coaster looks like a survivor from another age. The eight tiny cars evoke medieval siege engines and the front car is decorated with a unicorn head in full battle armor.

After a slow climb to the first drop, the coaster glides briefly through a series of dips and swoops before returning to the crooked little shingled hut that serves as the station. Kids much over seven will find this ride beneath them. Smaller kids, though, seem to love it.


Storm Force Accelatron

Rating: * * *
Type: Spinning cup ride
Time: 1.5 minutes
Kelly says: A standard amusement park ride

Tucked behind the Hulk coaster and Cafe 4, under a futuristic purple and blue dome, is this Marvelized version of a fairly standard amusement park ride. A large circular spinning platform contains four smaller circles that spin independently. Each of these small circles holds three cup-like cars that also spin independently. When the whole thing gets up to speed, there are three levels of spin. An added bit of oomph comes from the circular control in each car that allows the riders to control how fast their car spins.

The cars are designed to hold four adults but with kids aboard the number can increase; I am told the record is eight passengers in a car. The spin control works quite well and with some vigorous turning you can add quite a bit of momentum to your brief spin cycle whirl. Even if you skip the ride, it’s worth strolling back here to take a peek at the back end of Hulk.

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