First and last ride at IOA?

Zeke Draven

Apr 28, 2001
All right guys, the first time you ever went to IOA, what was the very first ride you ever went on? And what was the very last ride you ever rode at IOA too, just for fun.
My very first ride ever was Hulk. My last ride ever was Spiderman.

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I went to Spiderman first and then Hulk last. I was there for five days.


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First: :D Spiderman!

Last: :( Dudley DoRight and Popeye! I'm soaking wet!!


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Hey Zeke,
I'm just the opposite of you. I did Spiderman first and waited until the last day of my vacation to do the Hulk. Had to work up the courage.
:eek: One ride on the Hulk was good enough for me!!!!
First ride was Hulk and last ride was Hulk. Love it!

1st - Cat in the Hat
Last - Spiderman
The once and never again - HULK :(
If you can't tell by the name, the first ride we did was Jurassic Park River Adventure, and the last was Hulk. We did it on the second day of the trip. We had to gather up the courage for it first.
First ride was Spiderman (had to bypass Hulk temporarily as we had just eaten), went all the way around the park, and decided last ride had to be Spiderman.

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Spiderman first
Last ride-Hulk (also 2nd ride!)
First - I dunno ... I think it was Spiderman ...

Last - I only did three rides last time I was there (Hulk, Spiderman, and JP) and the last one was JP.
On August 28, 1999 our first ride, of our first visit at IOA was to be Spiderman, alas it was down, Next Dudley Do Right, but it was down. Next choice Jurassic Park River Adventure. Our last ride was on Sept 1, 2000 it was on Spiderman, we were the last ones on the last car for that night. The doors were locked right behind us. We saw something that few have seen before, a empty spiderman queue.


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