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    Any attractions we will choose will be 90% for my husband and me. Our daughter will only enjoy a few of the rides like Dumbo. If she melts down it will likely be from no observable cause and will definitely mean removing her from the current environment. She will have a wheelchair for times she gets tired but is mobile. Our son can only get on those that require no transfers and don’t need any upper body use. We’ll likely do our original 3 FP and just people watch. Anything I’m missing that would cause a need for the DAS?

    My other question would be. Can you ask to be seated in shows where a quick exit is possible but still have a place for a wheelchair?
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    Feb 27, 2015
    The DAS give you another place but the line to wait you then go in the FP line when your time is up and go on the ride. If you think this will help go to GR and talk to them about your ( child’s ) needs in line

    Your second question I find if you talk to the CM if they can they will help you out some things you can not exit when the show starts
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    I can’t post right now, but will this weekend.
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    Definitely true at Carousel of Progress!!! Enjoyable show, but somewhat long, and if you think there's even the slightest, tiniest, remotest possibility that you might perhaps need to leave, don't go.
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